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Ways When Use Chia Seeds For Weight Loss To Achieve Satisfactory Results

Using chia seeds for weight loss is a very popular topic for women. Not only is it rich in fiber that helps support effective weight loss, but chia seeds also provide both protein and minerals necessary for gym exercises. So do chia seeds help reduce belly fat and how do use chia seeds for weight loss to achieve the best effect?

1. The health benefits of chia seeds

Excellent antioxidants

The abundant protein and omega-3 ALA in chia seeds help the body prevent aging, especially chia seeds help to clear out harmful substances in the body quickly and support their elimination. From there, we will have healthy, rosy skin.

The health benefits of chia seeds
The health benefits of chia seeds


The other ingredients present in chia seeds such as calcium, zinc, and magnesium are good for bones and strong bones. Therefore, chia seeds should be added regularly to the diet to minimize the risk of osteoporosis for yourself and your family.

+ Good for the digestive system

The fiber content in chia seeds accounts for 37% (about 20% is soluble and 80% is insoluble). That is why chia seeds help stimulate the production of beneficial bacteria, from which the digestive system will be healthier, and the body can also easily absorb and digest food.

+ Good for pregnant women

Chia seed is a food that almost fully converges nutritional ingredients good for the fetus such as magnesium, iron, vitamin A, calcium, omega-3, and especially folate, which helps the fetus to develop comprehensively. Therefore, pregnant women should not ignore this “miracle” seed.

+ Good for the heart

Sadly, our body will not be able to synthesize omega-3, an essential fatty acid that helps in reducing bad cholesterol in the body and helps the cardiovascular system be healthier. But surprisingly, chia seeds contain about 20% of this fatty acid, so adding chia seeds to your diet every day is essential to better protect the cardiovascular system.

+ Support safe weight loss

Thanks to its high fiber content, chia seeds can help your body feel full for longer. According to studies, we can reduce food intake by combining chia seeds with yogurt to increase the feeling of fullness when eaten. In addition, chia seeds also help support the rapid fat-burning process, so it is very good for weight loss.

Can chia seeds help with weight loss?

Chia seed is a food that helps support diet and weight loss very well. At the same time, chia seeds also promote health and fitness thanks to the high fiber and antioxidant content, making the body full for longer and limiting hunger. Moreover, chia seeds are low in calories and can be completely added to the menu with complete peace of mind. That is the reason that many people prefer to use them in everyday life.

Can chia seeds help with weight loss?
Can chia seeds help with weight loss?

According to nutrition experts, chia seeds will swell after being in the stomach and help to stay full for longer. When absorbing chia seeds, the body will also have less appetite and hunger, so chia seeds support weight loss very effectively.

People who use chia seeds are also very diverse, from the elderly, and women to people with diabetes or heart problems. Therefore, chia seeds are often used by many people as a natural medicine to help protect the body very well.

2. How should we drink chia seeds for weight loss?

+ Breakfast

Eating chia seeds in the morning will help your body to have a certain amount of fiber to help you stay full for longer, so we will eat less in the afternoon and afternoon.

Drink chia seeds for weight loss
Drink chia seeds for weight loss

Chia seeds when combined with lemon and honey will make a very wonderful breakfast. Just add enough chia seeds to warm water, then add honey, and lemon juice to stir and enjoy. Should drink 30 minutes before breakfast and then eat breakfast normally. If you can’t drink it, you can reduce the number of lemons.

This dish not only helps to lose weight quickly but also helps brain cells relax, keep the brain healthy, and prevent memory decline, and cell aging.


Before lunch can drink a glass of chia seeds combined with lemon juice, and honey as breakfast. After that, eat 3-4 more bananas and have lunch as usual. It is best to eat less rice, add more vegetables, less sweet fresh fruit or oat porridge, and boiled eggs with a salad of vegetables.


You can drink a glass of chia seed water mixed with lemon, and honey-like the two meals above, use more vegetable soup and eat nothing after 18h. If you feel very hungry, eat more apples, pears, or a few grapefruit packs.

chia seed water mixed with lemon, and honey

In addition to drinking chia seeds to aid weight loss, it is advisable to combine exercise, reduce sugar consumption and drink plenty of water every day to stabilize the body, not be depleted, and rapidly increase the effectiveness of the reduction more weight.

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