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Ways on using cereals for weight loss you should know

In fact, the use of weight loss cereals also has certain principles, as not all grains can help support weight loss effectively. The weight loss cereals on the market today are very diverse, depending on the type of food we choose to eat or combine with any other dish that the slimming effect will also be very different.  In this article, we will guide you on ways on using cereals for weight loss most effectively for you.

1. Principles of dieting and effects of grains for weight loss

Losing weight, gaining weight, or keeping the weight off the body revolves around two factors: calorie intake and calorie consumption. Any food you eat in the form of food or drink should be measured based on how many calories they bring.

Ways on using cereals for weight loss
Ways on using cereals for weight loss

Through diet (controlling calorie intake) and exercise (controlling calorie intake), we can create a calorie deficit and that is the deciding principle to lose fat. or not.

2. The effects of cereals for weight loss

Grains have the effect of losing weight is not the question of many women when they want to choose this dish on the slimming menu. With that said, if you choose the right cereals that are high in fiber and low in sugar, you will consume fewer calories than usual.

The reason is that the abundant fiber content in the grain will help fill our stomachs, which in turn makes hunger last longer. When applying the way to use the weight loss cereals as shared below, our body will feel full on the stomach fast, no matter how much or less we eat. That is why we will not eat too many grains at once, and reduce the need for snacking during the day by no longer feeling hungry.

3. How to use cereals for weight loss

Do not mix weight loss cereals directly with boiling water (because too high heat will lose the nutrients of the cereal). We can apply the following 2 ways:

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– Hot drink: Mix 4-5 teaspoons of powdered coffee with a little cool water to make a paste, then add boiled water and stir until thick to drink.

– Drink cold: Mix 4-5 teaspoons of powdered coffee mixed with 100ml of warm / boiling water. Wait for the cereal to cool slightly, then add a few small ice cubes and enjoy.

You may not be familiar with cereals at first, so you will find it difficult to drink. To get used to it, start by mixing it with sugar, fresh milk or condensed milk. However, you should quickly cut out these foods to eat more effective weight loss process.

It is recommended to use weight loss cereal powder at breakfast to limit the amount of fat and ensure adequate supply of energy for all day without fatigue. We can just drink 1 cup of cereal in the morning without having to eat anything else.

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Cereal flours can also be used as a snack, or taken about 30 minutes before a main meal. This will help you feel fuller and eat less at meals. When drinking weight loss cereals should also remember to add green vegetables, fruits and animal protein so that the body is not deficient.

4. Things to know when choosing cereals for weight loss

There are many people who set a goal to lose weight quickly thanks to cereals, and also persistently perform for a certain time, but then panic because they do not see any results, but on the contrary the weight increases significantly. To avoid this situation, let’s refer to tips to avoid weight gain when using cereals.

Grains are a healthy suggestion for a quick, convenient breakfast that is still nutritious. This is an ideal choice for busy working people because the way to prepare weight loss cereals is quite simple.

Things to know when choosing cereals for weight loss
Things to know when choosing cereals for weight loss

Want to lose weight science, we should consider in choosing the right weight loss cereals. Because in fact, there are many grains that are quite high in calories. For example, a bowl of high-fiber cereals like wheat bran and oatmeal can help you start your day with enough energy and nutrients and with very few calories. Conversely, legumes or oily seeds are very easy to make us gain weight if we do not know how to use them or use them in excessive amounts.

5. Which cereals should be chosen to avoid overeating calories?

Low-calorie and high-fiber grains

Among all grains, it is advisable to choose oat cereals. Since these are one of the world’s most popular breakfast foods, they also help support weight loss.

Which cereals should be chosen to avoid overeating calories?
Which cereals should be chosen to avoid overeating calories?

According to studies, oats are capable of promoting health because the nutrients contained in these nuts can help reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood in the stomach and intestines.

Besides, this powder also provides a huge amount of fiber, twice as much as other powders, and they also contain no fat, sugar and low calories. Similar to oatmeal, wheat bran cereals are also a great suggestion for women who want a slim waist.

Cereals with added fruit

The addition of some fresh fruits to the grain not only enhances the flavor of the dish, but also enhances the body’s absorption of nutrients, especially fiber. But the high fiber content in food will help the body feel full for a long time and prevent cravings for sweets or junk food, the main cause of overweight.

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Avoid sugary grains

If you are a fan of sweets and decide to eat high-sugar grains while on a weight-loss diet, this could cause us to gain weight instead of losing weight. The reason is that our bodies normally digest our absorbed sugar very quickly and this causes blood sugar to rise quickly.

High blood sugar causes the insulin hormone to rise, which in turn leads to a sudden increase in glucose, which will make the body tired and cravings quickly. This will lead to uncontrolled eating, making fasting efforts to zero.

Ways on using cereals for weight loss
Ways on using cereals for weight loss

Increase your absorption of fat and protein when using weight loss cereals

In fact, even fortified cereals with vitamins and minerals still cannot provide us with all the necessary nutrients that our bodies need. It is important to balance the amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins the body consumes.

Sadly, most of the weight loss grains on the market today are low in protein and fat. Therefore, in addition to eating cereals in the morning, we also need to supplement fruits and vegetables in the remaining 2 main meals to ensure nutritional balance.