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Tourist Attractions in Bangladesh That You Are Missing Out On

Tourist Attractions in Bangladesh, a beautiful small country in South Asia bordering with India and Myanmar is yet to be developed in tourism. Though there are many beautiful places here to visit, it is one of the least tourist destinations in the world. The people here are very friendly and hospitable. They welcome tourist everywhere and try to help them. To make a list of the best places in a country is always very hard and disputable. From my visiting experience in Bangladesh, I’ve created this list.   So, here is a list of the 20 best places to visit in Bangladesh for you.

Tourist Attractions in Bangladesh That You Are Missing Out On


Rangamati Hill Tract in Chittagong district, surrounded by Indian states of Tripura and Mizoram from the north, Bandarban city and Mizoram from the south, and Myanmar from the east, is one of Bangladesh’s most delightful places and also your go-to if you are seeking to connect with the splendor of nature and its people. The flora and fauna in Rangamati will fill your soul up.

must see in bangladesh - kaptai lake, rangapani
Kaptai Lake 

But there is also something for those with anthropological interests – Rangamati specifically and Chittagong largely is home to Bangladesh’s dozen indigenous communities, the major ones being the Marmas and Chakmas. Marmas, essentially Theravada Buddhists, have their own Arakanese dialect. Most others have assumed and internalized the cultural and religious traditions of the rest of country. Some of the other indigenous communities here are Tippera, Mru, Chaks, Kumis, Kuki/Lushais, Khyang, Pankho among others. In Rangamati, you can witness the colorful lifestyle and indigenous cultures and you can also take home a piece of this in the form of souvenirs, clothes, show pieces, and jewelry.


Kuakata Sea beach

Kuakata translates to Dug Well in Bengali. The semiotic meaning traditionally goes back to the Rakhine tribe which was ousted from Myanmar, who came to these shores in the 18th century. The settlers dug wells to find drinking water since the salty water from the sea was undrinkable. Since then the name for this 30km long shiny, white sand beach has stayed. It is also known as Sagor Konna or Daughter of The Sea. Gongamati Forest Reserves on the east side of the beach is a thick mangrove forest and you can catch the sun rays getting filtered through the foliage. The beaches offer hypnotizing sights of the sunsets and sunrise as the sea changes color with the lights of the sky.

The Sundarbans

Tourist Attraction in Bangladesh, sundarban

A unique eco-tourism destination, the Sundarbans, is the largest Mangrove Forest on earth and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It stretches about 80km into the Bangladeshi and Indian mainland from the coast of the Bay of Bengal. 60% of this mist-shrouded forest is located in Bangladesh. Though this 10,500kmforest area is surrounded by two of the most densely populated country on three sides, it remains remote, inhospitable and largely uninhabited by people. Intersected by a complex network of rivers and creeks, mudflats and tiny islands, this amazing forest is comprised of two elementary ecoregions: The Mangrove Forest and the Freshwater Swamp Forest.

The St. Martin’s Island

Tourist Attraction in Bangladesh

The St. Martin’s Island, also known as Narikel Jinjira (an island of coconut) and Daruchinir Deep (an island of cinnamon), is one of the most visited tourist’s spots in Bangladesh. The only coral island in Bangladesh is about 8 km in length and rarely more than 1km wide. It is about 10 km (6mi) south-west of the southern tip of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf peninsula. Beaches fringed with coconut palms, panoramic beauty of the island and pristine marine life attract the tourists. Magnificent landscapes, crystal clear sea water, coral colony, and the roar of the Bay of Bengal are the main attraction of the visitors.

Sylhet – The World’s Largest Tea Garden

Bangladesh Sylhet is the largest tea greenhouse in the world. It is an irregular area secured by a green carpet and has a lively social presence of different clans living here. In addition, Sylhet has some sanctuaries that want to point to religious people. Everything stands out among its most wanted tour destinations in Bangladesh.

Kantaji Temple

kantaji temple bangladesh must see
Tourist Attractions in Bangladesh That You Are Missing Out On

Bangladesh has something to offer for every kind of traveler. For those who love history and religion, there is Kantaji (another name for Lord Krishna) Temple in Kantanagar, in Dinajpur. A fine late-medieval Hindu temple, it is a surviving specimen of terracotta architecture built by King Ramnath in 1722 CE. It was built in the Navratna style, with Ratnas or gems adorning each of the nine corners of the three-layered terrace construction. The temple today stands in some glory in spite of numerous attempts to destroy it. Parts of the temple were said to be destroyed by Maharaj Girijanath in the early 20th century and parts of it were damaged in 1897 by an earthquake.