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Tips for care and choose cosmetics that are suitable for dry skin

If you have dry skin, you will certainly face dry, less smooth, and lifeless skin. Besides, some users use cosmetic lines that contain substances that are not suitable for dry skin. Makes the skin condition worse. This article Bigguidess will guide some tips for care and choose cosmetics that are suitable for dry skin.

Take care of dry skin

Dry skin is caused by the production of too few secretions by the sebaceous glands in the skin. Prevent your skin from getting enough moisture. Besides, the skin protective film is also lacking, making your skin always in a less smooth state. The surface is rough, rough, and even flaky. And do you know that in addition to causing discomfort and the cosmetic impact on the face, dry skin for a long time, if not cared for, can also cause premature aging? And to improve the situation please follow the following skincare tips.

Tips for care and choose cosmetics that are suitable for dry skin

Apply moisturizer every day to ensure that your skin is always adequately hydrated. The best time to apply is in the morning and at night before bed. Moisturizer will provide the skin with the necessary amount of moisture. Thereby creating a protective layer to the skin, preventing dehydration, and making the skin healthier. No matter what skin type you have, you should still be on the lookout for adequate hydration. Avoid excessive dehydration of the skin.

Exfoliate your skin
Besides, be careful about exfoliating once a week to remove all the outer rough cells for softer skin. From there, it is easy to absorb nutrients for the next steps of skin care. Be careful not to use harsh exfoliating products, however. And do not do the bleaching too often because it will cause the skin of the face to be worn and fragile, more vulnerable.

Note when washing your face
Another mistake when washing your face is to use water with too high a temperature. Science has proven that if you use water that is too hot to wash your face, it dehydrates your skin. From there it will be drier. Therefore, it is best to use warm or cold water for better skin health.

Note skincare
And one more thing for you to frequently contact with air conditioning. Place a basin of water near the air conditioner to create the moisture needed to reduce dry skin caused by dehydration. Also, don’t forget to use mineral sprays regularly. This is one of the ways to instantly hydrate the skin. The use of mineral spray also helps you to keep makeup on for longer. Relax skin after a tiring day of work.

Tips for care and choose cosmetics that are suitable for dry skin

Make a mask 2-3 times/week with natural ingredients such as cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, and honey, … Helping to increase moisture, vitamins, and minerals will help skin less dry and full of vitality. living.

Tips for choosing cosmetics suitable for safe dry skin

Dry skin like any other skin type, when you buy cosmetics, you have to choose and see through the clear ingredients. Using the right cosmetics will bring high results. Avoid side effects during use.

Choose a cleanser that contains less foam, soap, and large massage particles. In addition, those with artificial colors or flavors you should not choose to use. It is these types of cleansers that easily damage the skin. Dry flaking and peeling cause annoyance for users. Prioritize choosing a low-foam, low-soap, mild cleanser. Naturally extracted and has a good pH balance effect.

Choose a moisturizer that is high in water, rich in vitamin E, well absorbed, and does not cause shine to prevent acne, clogging pores, or inflammation.

Makeup remover and rose water
Only use alcohol-free products for the best. And the general rule when you choose to buy cosmetics is to check the origin, clear origin, and have gone through a rigorous inspection process.

Hope that what Bigguidess shares in the article will help dry skin understand how to take care of the skin properly.