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Study abroad in China – Why should you choose China to study abroad?

Studying abroad is a wise choice for the future of international students, so where to study abroad is of primary concern to parents and children. And if anyone is planning to study in China, then surely want to know that study abroad in China is good? Find the answer in the article below.

Necessary preparation for the trip to study in China

When choosing China as a destination for the purpose of improving your own level, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the family economy. Depending on how much your family pays for all of your study abroad years, from traveling, eating, and studying to choosing a suitable and ideal environment.

Study abroad in China

Besides, the selection of majors should also be determined early and clearly when wishing to study in China, obviously, the quality should also be carefully considered.

Those are extremely necessary preparations for studying abroad in China that you need to pay attention to and pay special attention to.

Should study in China or not?

The cost of studying abroad is moderate

One of the top concerns when studying abroad is probably the financial concern of the years living abroad from living to studying or playing. Especially compared to countries like the US, UK, France, or many other countries, the cost of studying abroad in China is only 20-30%.
According to some experiences from international students, the cost of studying abroad here will be about 4000 – 7000 USD / year depending on the location, not to mention that Chinese international students do not have to worry about financial proof.

Learning conditions are relatively simple

Study abroad in China

To apply to study abroad in China, the conditions are relatively simple. You only need to have a high school graduation score of 6.0 or higher and have a Chinese level that meets the minimum requirements (take 3 HSK points – Chinese standard points to be eligible to study or can register to learn Chinese a year to be able to listen to lectures if Chinese are not available).

Not only that, but Chinese schools also have no limit on the number of international students. Each year, there will be 2 enrollment periods for foreign students and students.

Visa procedures are not too difficult

There are 7 types of visas in China, which are D, Z for relatives to visit, F for visiting, L for tourism, G for transit, and C. And if the purpose is to study abroad then You only need to care about two types of visas: X and F only.

What major should China study abroad?

1. Major in the Chinese language

China is the largest and most populous country in the world, so it uses a variety of languages ​​to communicate. In addition to Mandarin Mandarin, languages ​​such as Mandarin, Taiwanese, and Cantonese, … are also used a lot.

China is a multi-developed country, there will be a lot of exchanges and diplomacy taking place with the Chinese people and there will be a need for many Chinese translators, so studying Chinese will open. offers you many attractive job opportunities.

In addition, by studying Chinese, you also have the opportunity to deeply learn about the characteristics of Chinese culture or people. You can self-study and learn your own literature or find out why your country has such a remarkable development to be able to apply and help develop your country.

2. Medicine Major

Study abroad in China

Medicine in China is also one of the professions that many students choose to pursue the most. China is also known as the world’s leading medicine, with a lofty mission and great job opportunities for the industry.

The medical industry of China promises to train a team of doctors and physicians with good luck. China has now been completed and always has internationally recognized medical research.

Studying in China with a Medical major you can pursue majors such as Chinese Oriental Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and General Medicine, … It will take a period of 5 to 6 years to complete. into a medical course in China.

3. Economic major

China currently has a highly developed economy, so studying economic sectors here is the right choice for Vietnamese students. With diversified types of business, good production developed tourism services, China always attracts a lot of foreign investment.

There are many large Chinese enterprises investing heavily in the Vietnamese market, so studying economics also means that your job opportunities will be expanded, and you will have the opportunity to work with China’s leading companies even in Vietnam.

The Chinese government has always wanted to strengthen international diplomatic relations, so it has set up a lot of scholarship funding programs for the economic sector, so this is an easy field to get scholarships to study abroad.

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