Shanghai Fudan University

Study Abroad at Shanghai Fudan University in China

Fudan University is the fourth-strongest university in China. The state educational institution was founded in 1905. He is also a member of the C9 league and is among the top 100 best in the world. A huge plus – the students are given a chance to practice in an international company, which is in Shanghai a large number. Also after receiving the certificate, graduates are in demand and have the opportunity to get to work with high income.

About Fudan University 

Shanghai Fudan University
Shanghai Fudan University

With a history spanning over a hundred years, Shanghai Fudan University is among China’s oldest institutions, highly regarded across China. As a large and well-established university, Fudan has four campuses in downtown Shanghai – Handan, Fenglin, Zhangjiang, and Jiangwan. Every year around 7 000 international students from 120 countries and regions study at Fudan, ranking the university second nationally when it comes to international student numbers. Should you find yourself coming to learn Chinese in Shanghai, Fudan University’s Chinese language courses are some of the best in China.

Fudan University has been at the forefront of student foreign exchange programs in China and is committed to raising the number of international degree and graduate students at its campuses. To this end, Fudan University has established global connections and exchange programs with almost 200 overseas universities including the University of Manchester, University of Sydney, Columbia University, University of Toronto, and many more. The university places an emphasis on supplying high-quality international student programs.

Fudan University’s Chinese Language Program for international students includes Summer School, semester programs, and a special Bachelor of Arts course. The university also offers a range of other courses for foreign students including Chinese History, Chinese Culture, Chinese Literature, Chinese Economy, Chinese Philosophy, and Chinese Law as well as a range of Doctoral and Masters courses that are taught in English.

Taking a Chinese language course at Fudan University will help you to become more multicultural, build a global view, and to make friends from all over the world. Go Abroad China is here to smooth the way, helping you choose a university, helping you get enrolled, and ensuring all the finer details of coming to China to learn Chinese are taken care of for you.

Tuition fees

  1. Bachelors – 3341 dollars a year on average.
  2. Master’s – 3341 dollars a year on average.
  3. Accommodation – from 582 to 1224 dollars a month.

Admission to Fudan University

Entry takes place at the legislative level of China, where a future student needs to provide a certificate based on 11 classes. Before sending, it is important to translate the certificate into English or Chinese, as well as the notarial certification of the diploma. Another document will also be required – an international standard passport.

The infrastructure of Fudan University

The university is located in the center of the city; the building is divided into four buildings – Handan (Chinese 邯鄲), Fenglin (Chinese 楓林), Zhangjiang (whale 張江), and Jiangwan (Chinese 江灣). On one of the campuses, there is a hostel for foreign students, consisting of 23 floors with 778 rooms. Single rooms – 582, and double rooms – 146. Also for students is opened a library and its own sports facility with new equipment.

Study Abroad at Shanghai Fudan University in China
Study Abroad at Shanghai Fudan University in China

Conditions for applying to Fudan University

In order to be able to enroll in Fudan University, as well as the conditions to study in China in general, besides being an international candidate, having good health, and having respect for the law in this country, you also need to pass the entrance exam. Besides, depending on the level of study, the school will have separate requirements.

Study Abroad at Shanghai Fudan University in China
Study Abroad at Shanghai Fudan University in China

University program

Most of the undergraduate programs at Fudan University do not require too much foreign language or academic ability. As long as you are 18 years or older (as of the time of application) and have a 3 degree, you are eligible to apply to the school. Particularly if you study Chinese medicine in English, you will need some additional conditions, including:

– High school graduation

– TOEFL (IBT) 90 or above or IELTS (Academic) 6.5 or above.

– Essay must not exceed 2000 words in English or Chinese.

– 2 letters of recommendation in Chinese or English can certify the quality

– There are extracurricular activities or awards.

Postgraduate program

– Program in Science, Engineering, and Medicine: HSK Level 5 (210 or higher)

– Arts, humanities, management, journalism, law, and social sciences: HSK Level 5 (from 240 and above) or Level 6 (180 and above)

– TOEFL (IBT) 90 or above or IELTS (Academic) 7.0 or above.

The scholarship program

Chinese government scholarships

Chinese government scholarships are available to international applicants studying at a specific university in this country. This scholarship covers the full cost of studying in China. To receive the scholarship, you should apply for an application at the Chinese Consulate in Vietnam.

Confucius Scholarship

For students of all disciplines related to the Chinese language and culture. The scholarship is derived from the Confucius Scholarship Fund. The value of the scholarship covers the full cost of study, accommodation, and a living allowance of 1,700 yuan per month.

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