Solomon Islands- Things to Do in the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands has had its fair share of conflicts over the last few decades. However, the political unrest that once plagued this island nation certainly didn’t overshadow the natural beauty of the Solomon Islands. Many of the attractions around the country were created by Mother Nature. The spectacular Riba Cave is one such attraction that boasts beauty and mystery for tourists. Of course, artificial attractions have also made their way into the Solomon Islands’ tourism industry, such as the famous National Museum.

Solomon Islands- Things to Do in the Solomon Islands

Tenaru Falls

Tenaru Falls

Tenaru Falls is one of the most remote waterfalls in Honiara and as such all hikers will need permission and a guide in order to experience its majestic beauty. This begins with a visit to the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau, which will assist in directing visitors to the Village Chief Peter who selects a guide to lead them to the falls. The hike itself isn’t a difficult one as the trail is mostly flat, but it does require frequent river crossing. Along the way hikers will enjoy the incredible beauty of the lush surroundings before ending at the stunning falls where they can enjoy a peaceful swim as their much needed reward.

Riba Cave

An hour by foot from Aiku, on the island of Malaita, is the memorable Riba Cave. Tourists will find this large cavern to be rather eerie, but nonetheless enjoyable. Stalagmites and an underground creek greet explorers as they discover the inside of this cave. Because the cave is on private land, finding a tour is recommended when visiting Riba Cave. Remember to bring comfortable and reliable shoes, not to mention a powerful flashlight. Address: Riba Cave, Malaita Island, Solomon Island

Visit Rennell Island & Lake Tegano

Rennell Island & Lake Tegano
Located on Rennell Island, Lake Tegano boasts the largest raised coral reef in the world with an area of over 215,000 acres at an outstanding length of nearly 54 miles and a width of almost 10 miles. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site covering one-third of the island, and it serves as the home for various endemic species including the sea snake. The island itself is known for its rich biodiversity and unique ecology with a lush forest that surrounds the entire lake. This is a popular destination for eco-tourists, snorkelers, and divers as there are roughly 200 islets, unique wildlife, and the sunken remains of numerous Catalina seaplanes from WWII.

Vilu War Museum

Vilu War Museum -Solomon Islands- Things to Do in the Solomon Islands

The Vilu War Museum is located roughly one hour outside of the capital city Honiara by car. It’s hidden behind forest coverage a little less than a mile from West Guadalcanal Road. The museum is a prominent attraction for history enthusiasts due to its remarkable collection of American, Japanese, New Zealand, and Australian war relics. Many of these objects are the remnants of the Guadalcanal Campaign in which nearly 30,000 Japanese troops were killed. The outdoor lawns of the museum are equally impressive, featuring an array of unexploded shells, aircraft artillery pieces, aircrafts, and an assortment of monuments dedicated to fallen soldiers.

Mataniko Falls

Solomon Islands- Things to Do in the Solomon Islands

The Mataniko Falls are located on the island of Guadalcanal, just a short distance from Honiara. The cascades are double-sided falls which drop into a large cavern of spectacular beauty. However, the cave and waterfalls are just part of the attraction. During WWII, Japanese soldiers attempted to escape capture by hiding out inside the cave. Tourists can explore inside, but doing so with a tour guide is strongly recommended. Address: Mataniko Falls, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands Phone: n/a Website: n/a

Lilisiana Village

Lilisiana village, across the bay at Auki photo - Philip Game photos at  pbase.com
Solomon Islands- Things to Do in the Solomon Islands

Found on Malaita Island, the small fishing village of Lilisiana is a must-visit for any tourist interested in local culture. The village stands just one mile from the center of Auki township. Exploring this tiny part of the island is worth the effort. Along the shoreline, tourists will find traditional style housing, designed with long stilts. Tours of this village, and other villages around the island, can be arranged. Tourists are advised to go with a small to medium-sized group when heading to this interesting section of Malaita Island. Address: Malaita Island, Solomon Islands