Odyssey va Vito

Should choose Honda Odyssey or Mercedes Vito tourer 121?

The large MPV concept has appeared in Vietnam for a long time. It started with the popularity of imported Toyota Sienna. It was not until early 2015 that this segment began to make a mark when THACO brought Sedona to Vietnam in a genuine manner. And then there was Honda Odyssey’s presence at the 2015 Vietnam Motor Show. Mercedes-Benz V-Class belongs to the upper class. Confidence in the growth of the segment, the company continues to introduce the V 250 and Vito Tourer 121. The selling price of the V 250 further outstrips the rest of the segment. Now let’s compare the Honda Odyssey and the Mercedes Vito tourer 121 with the Bigguidess!

1. Design

Honda Odyssey’s appearance design is more innovative and more angular. The front is an Exciting H Design style multi-story chrome-plated grille. Headlights create a modern look, including 2 projector lens LED bulbs in low beam mode, halogen bulb at high beam, integrated automatic on / off feature and adjustment according to steering angle when cornering. LED daytime running lights. The fog light cavity is placed on two sides like many other models.

Deign - Honda Odyssey and  Mercedes Vito tourer 121
Deign – Honda Odyssey and Mercedes Vito tourer 121
Deign - Honda Odyssey and  Mercedes Vito tourer 121
Deign – Honda Odyssey and Mercedes Vito tourer 121

Honda Odyssey body ribs use many curves, combined with the wing and the roof slightly slopes down to the rear for a sportier feeling than the opponent. Rearview mirror with turn signal lights, electric adjustment. The rear of the car has unified design as the first. Big rear lights with a focus on 2 LED lines. The word “Odyssey” behind a layer of glass is quite interesting. The exhaust is hidden under the car.

Meanwhile, the appearance of the Mercedes-Benz Vito is exactly “quality” in a German style. The design still follows the famous philosophy of “Sensual Purity”, using many curves and less angles. However, to cut costs, details such as halogen headlights, large spokes grille and plastic fog lamps partly reduce the inherent elegance of the V-Class.

Deign - Honda Odyssey and  Mercedes Vito tourer 121
Deign – Honda Odyssey and Mercedes Vito tourer 121

Different from the front, the body and back of Vito are square, many lines. Electric rearview mirror, but not integrated turn signal lights like Honda Odyssey. The taillights only use halogen bulbs. Chromium material is also not applied much. However, the Vito’s glass doors are wide, especially the third row, giving the occupants a more airy feel.

For equipped with sliding doors, Honda Odyssey prevails over Mercedes-Benz Vito when available on both sides, electric adjustment. The driver can also open / close by behind the button on the left of the steering wheel. On the Mercedes-Benz Vito side, the car is only equipped with the right-hand door, opening / closing manually. If you want to upgrade to electric adjustment, customers have to spend 59 million more.

2. Size

The Mercedes-Benz Vito is bigger than the Honda Odyssey in every way. Length more than 310mm, width more than 108mm and height more than 215mm. Helping Vito’s interior space be expanded more. The 8 seats inside are all suitable for the body of an adult. Moreover, with all 3 rows of seats, Vito’s luggage compartment is still spacious enough to carry a few golf bags or bulky items. Honda Odyssey, by contrast, the luggage compartment is only really useful for a few small items, or in exchange for folding the third row of seats down to store items.

Size- Honda Odyssey and  Mercedes Vito tourer 121
Size- Honda Odyssey and Mercedes Vito tourer 121

In terms of wheelbase and weight, the Mercedes-Benz Vito is more than 300mm and 124kg, respectively. This means that the German MPV model moves more firmly and smoother than when traveling on the street, especially for long journeys. Meanwhile, Honda Odyssey will easily cross the terrain if you accidentally go into a bad road. The ground clearance of the Odyssey is 10mm lower than that of the Vito.

3. Interior of Honda Odyssey and Mercedes Vito tourer 121

Inside, the interior is the Honda Odyssey’s advantage over the Mercedes-Banz Vito. The materials are of high quality such as leather, wood and chrome. The entertainment system includes a 7-inch touch screen located in the center with 6 audio speakers, radio, CD, USB, HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity. Meanwhile, Vito only uses 3.5 inch screen, 2 audio speakers, USD connection and SD card. In addition, Honda Odyssey also offers an independent entertainment screen for the rear seats and sunroof in the front row. The last row of seats adds an HDMI port and charging.

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The front seat air-conditioning control cluster in both models has the same function. Both automatic cooling 2 zones. The difference is that, Honda Odyssey uses a touch style that gives a more luxurious look than the Mercedes-Benz Vito which is a conventional button. However, the Vito’s control cluster is easier to use for the driver, especially while on the move. The button format makes it easy to configure where the hand is. Air vents for the seats are all equipped, but Odyssey has a third zone air-conditioning control panel on the ceiling.

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Mercedes-Benz Vito has 8 fabric seats, driver’s seat and side seats with manual adjustment of basic directions. With this layout, the German model emphasizes passenger capacity rather than the owner or the family like the Honda Odyssey. Because Odyssey equipped with leather seats, 8-way power adjustment for the driver’s seat. There are armrests for the front and second rows. The car has only 7 seats because the middle row has 2 seats, independent adjustment, 10-way manual adjustment, can recline like a bed when folding the 3rd row. is a glass door of seat 2 that can be raised / lowered and has a sun curtain.