cooking recipes for kids
cooking recipes for kids
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I have many ideas cooking recipes for kids a week, don’t worry. All are great for kids of any age. What’s listed here is always a good idea so your baby doesn’t get bored and adds variety to his diet. Let your child not get used to just having the same things, encourage him to eat.

We combine fresh, nutritious ingredients to make a delicious porridge. And cooking up some of these combos is fun. Follow to discover the recipe under this article

Cooking recipes for kids: Nutritious porridge is the first choice

Here is a basic cooking recipes for kids for the most popular porridge in the world, it will also inspire other porridge ideas below, you just need to adjust the ingredients to this recipe as needed!

Honestly, we usually just put the oats in the milk and then pour everything else on top, I don’t measure the parameters. Sometimes I add an oat at the end if it’s too thin and conversely if it’s too thick you can always pour in a little milk!

So take this ingredient lightly and figure out what’s right for you and your little one so adaptation is always good!

Our basic porridge recipe is as follows and then the list of ideas below can be successfully adapted if needed!
Favorite porridge recipe

cooking recipes for kids
cooking recipes for kids


50g oats
90ml milk
1 large handful blueberries (chopped or crushed, cooked and tender)
1 large piece of peanut butter
Some beads to decorate on top


Put the oats and milk in the pan. Then reduce the heat to low and stir well.
Add in some washed blueberries.
When it thickens, add peanut butter and stir well
When the porridge is smooth, put the porridge in a bowl, put cashews on top, wait for the bowl to cool before feeding the baby.
You can add milk, oats at the end if it is too thick (milk) or watery (oat).

Points to note while cooking recipes for kids

Cooking recipes for kids remember to always serve the porridge fresh and warm. It is good to eat porridge within 1-2 hours of cooking.

If the porridge is too thick after you let it cool, adjust the consistency by adding more breast milk/cow’s milk/formula or warm water.

Prepare porridge and water, and while the porridge is warm, add the prepared formula.

If your child is allergic to any of the ingredients used in the porridge, note them and discard them when processing.

For children under one year of age, it is recommended to use date syrup, fruit puree, and raisin puree as sweeteners.

To get your baby used to different tastes and textures, be sure to include a variety of foods in your baby’s month-to-month diet besides porridge.

Points to note while cooking recipes for kids
Points to note while cooking recipes for kids

Suggest other cooking recipes for kids for children

We share 3 cooking recipes for kids for children under this article:

Rice flour porridge

Porridge cooked with rice flour has a shorter cooking time and has a smooth consistency that does not stick to your hands. This is also a recipe for porridge for 1 year old.

To make, you choose rice flour or grind rice into flour to cook. Alternatively, oats or cereal can also be substituted for this recipe. Just mix the flour and water slowly until the powder is completely dissolved, then cook on medium heat until the mixture boils and thickens.

Suggest other cooking recipes for kids for children
Suggest other cooking recipes for kids for children

Black bean porridge

Rice or beans are a source of essential protein and nutrition for the baby. Therefore, we should give this food to our baby to fully supplement the daily diet with nutrients.

Preparation materials:

2/1.5 cups of rice flour/rice; 1 cup beans; Adjust seasoning to suit each child. Method: If it is rice, we can simmer it with beans or use rice flour with boiled beans to shorten the cooking time and create a consistency for the porridge. According to studies, rice flour will increase the absorption of protein and trace elements more than whole grain rice of the same weight.

If it is possible to grind rice and beans into nutritious porridge for babies under 1 year old, it will be easier to eat and better absorb.

Barley porridge with apples

Apples and barley are great sources of fiber for your baby’s growth. At the same time, adding fiber will help your baby avoid constipation, digest food easily, and reduce the risk of intestinal dilatation in young children or intestinal infections.

Suggest other cooking recipes for kids for children (1)
Suggest other cooking recipes for kids for children (1)

Ingredients: 2 cups cereal flour, breast milk, 1 medium apple and a little water. Method: Before starting, remove the skins and seeds, remove only the flesh. Then slice to cook to create the same sweet sauce. This is called the dashi substitute for bone broth or condiments chosen by mothers. Cooking delicious porridge for babies needs to pay attention to the taste.

For children under 1 year old, it is not recommended to use additives to retain the natural flavor that will be more friendly to the baby’s body and taste buds. Cook barley separately with water for 10 minutes and stir well to avoid burning the bottom of the pot. Then add the pureed apple sauce to the mix and combine with a little breast milk to make the dish delicious and greasy.

Hope you will find the right porridge recipe for your baby. Follow us to update nutritious food for kids!