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Review Suzuki Ertiga Car – Practical to every detail

“Practical car” is a car that suits the needs and pocket of the user as well as converging practical values including safety, durability, economy, full of amenities, and spacious space for the whole family. family of 5-7 people, the price is reasonable. And in the small MPV segment, the 7-seat Suzuki Ertiga family is considered the most practical car. Let’s join Bigguidess to have a detailed review of Suzuki Ertiga!

The exterior of the Suzuki Ertiga

The practicality of Suzuki Ertiga is reflected in the exterior design when based on the chassis of the “junior” Suzuki Swift hatchback. Using the same chassis will significantly reduce production costs, thereby reducing the cost of the car.

Review Suzuki Ertiga-The exterior of the Suzuki Ertiga
Review Suzuki Ertiga-The exterior of the Suzuki Ertiga

The bonnet layout lowers forward, the dark grille with textured horizontal bars embracing the elegant and refined S-shaped logo just like Suzuki engineers did. Swift.

In addition, the halogen headlamps are designed quite large and clawed to the sides to create a relatively harmonious look. To make a difference, the front bumper of Ertiga has an X shape instead of a V as in Swift. In addition, the roof of Ertiga has been raised to correct the “quality” of the MPV.

Review Suzuki Ertiga- Exterior
Review Suzuki Ertiga- Exterior

Suzuki Ertiga has a rather short front end due to its small engine. This detail reminds me of the Kei-car line (square, small but spacious box cars) that fills the streets of Japan. With a short front end and a minimum turning radius of only 5.2m, users can easily control in tight situations in the city.

Despite the MPV, the Ertiga has a ground clearance of 185 mm, which is much higher than sedans and comparable to many crossovers on the market.

Spacious car compartment

Ertiga owns overall dimensions long x width x height, corresponding to 4,265 x 1,695 x 1,685 mm, a wheelbase of 2,740 mm. This site is a bit missing for an MPV, but Suzuki proves a very good point in the design: size is not the problem, the issue is the layout.

The Japanese automaker’s engineers “skillfully” created a high-clawed roof that stretched and slightly sloped backward. That helps Ertiga increase the space inside the interior to handle the somewhat modest length of the car. The expansion of the glass door frames along with the design of the A-column and the B-pillar are more compact, making it easy for the driver to observe while creating an airy interior compartment.

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The rear luggage compartment is normally at 135 liters, however, it can be maximized to 736 liters when both rear seats are folded. In addition, the second row of seats is quite flexible when it is easy to adjust the position or fold in a 60:40 ratio to help the third-row occupants still feel comfortable.

Instead of “racing” for additional equipment that sometimes becomes “redundant”, Suzuki focuses on satisfying the needs of users. It is spacious, air-conditioned, with seats that can carry many people, and many things. For that reason, for “the whole family happy”, Ertiga added a separate high-rise indoor unit for the second and third rows of seats. This indoor unit has a quite flexible design with 4 air slots that can be adjusted to 4 different seating positions for the last two rows. This is an undisputed plus point when the majority of competitors with Ertiga do not have this equipment.

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Simplicity and utility continue to be applied in the cabin design (driver position). The central clock cluster is not complicated, and sophisticated but well-equipped with a clock that displays a lot of information such as average fuel consumption and expected distance to be able to go with the remaining amount of gas. in a flask, outside temperature, time …

The steering wheel of Suzuki Ertiga still has integrated buttons to control the entertainment system with CD drive, peripherals, and radio … These buttons have lights if the driving mode is turned on at night.

The entertainment system on the Suzuki Ertiga includes a 1-disc CD player and includes a music mode from the USB port. The advantage of the Suzuki Ertiga entertainment system is a rare 4-speaker system in a popular car with clear highs and bass, without glare. Although there is no independent bass speaker, the bass can go down quite deep.

Operate the Suzuki Ertiga

For a machine with a capacity of 1.4L, 91 horsepower that has to “carry” a car with 7 passengers and accompanying luggage, you can not ask for its ability to accelerate or jump immediately. okay.

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On the road, the car can not immediately meet the need to pass a long container ahead, requiring the driver to spend a long distance, but this is not too difficult. The optimization between the rpm and the speed also has a drawback. At the speed of 80km/h and the rpm up to 2,500 rpm, 100km/h (3,000 rpm), the car cannot operate smoothly and economically. If only operating from 80km/h or less, Ertiga has nothing to complain about. That said, the car is more suitable for the street.

In order to add to the different sensations of the Ertiga test drive, I drove the car onto a bumpy, gravelly dirt road. Here again, find a very good advantage of the MPV “Suzuki house”. The car can go very fast without “getting bored” of the bumpy roads. The MacPherson suspension system with the coil spring quenches rapidly, preventing the occupants from bouncing. Besides, with a sturdy chassis, the bike is extremely compact. I am a bit surprised by this.

Practicality is high, but not so that Suzuki takes the safety of its passengers lightly. Ertiga still has safety equipment including front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, 2 front seat airbags, an ABS anti-lock braking system, and electronic brake force distribution EBD. A safety device just enough for basic use.