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Mineral Spray Products For Oily Skin – Must-Have Products

The mineral spray is an indispensable item for women, especially when the skin on the face lacks water. If you have an oily skin condition and have not yet chosen products that suits you, here is a review of the most popular mineral spray for oily skin that can help you more easily choose.

Perlyne Natural Mineral Water Spray 150ml

xit khoang perlyne natural mineral water spray 150ml

Mineral spray is one of the indispensable items for girls who love beauty. This is the savior for sunburned, dehydrated skin in the summer because in the mineral spray contains many mineral ingredients that increase skin moisture, soothe the skin. Recently on the market there is a mineral spray called Perlyne Natural Mineral Water Spray that makes women “fall in love, turn their hats” thanks to its great use, large capacity of 400ml but extremely student price to help you. use for a long time and still save.

Perlyne Natural Mineral Water Spray is obtained from the natural mineral water in the Avesnois reserve, so it is sure that its effect and effectiveness are better than conventional mineral sprays made from distilled water, which is the choice. Choose suitable for those with sensitive skin, dry skin caused by too much sitting in the air conditioner, skin is dehydrated and oily due to oily skin, uncomfortable when hot. A thin, cool layer of mist that lodges on your skin will make you feel refreshed and relaxed.


  • Soothes sunburned skin, provides hydration in a timely manner, balances moisture, cools skin and calms skin.
  • Keep the makeup layer durable, lasting longer. After makeup spray a layer of mineral spray will keep your foundation looking more natural, fix the makeup.
  • Mineral water composition with essential minerals helps to perfectly hydrate the skin dehydrated due to hot or dry weather, the skin will become more shiny and smoother if hydrated in time.
  • Eliminate fatigue, bring a cool freshness to a radiant young face.
  • Its natural content of salt and micronutrients helps the skin to remove dirt, leaving you with healthy skin.
  • Preventing the epidermis from forming dark pigmentation, minimizing pigmentation and dark spots effectively. At the same time, when compensated for enough moisture, the skin will not dry out, thereby helping to reduce wrinkles and aging creating some skin around the nose and eyes.
  • The product does not cause any side effects so it is very safe, does not irritate any skin including sensitive skin.

Evoluderm French Mineral Spray 400ml

Mineral Spray Products For Oily Skin - Must-Have Products
Mineral Spray Products For Oily Skin – Must-Have Products

French Mineral Spray is a product researched and produced by advanced technology from France, so it is absolutely safe for the skin. The product is designed as an easy-to-use spray and is suitable for many skin types to increase skin moisture from 10% -20%, soothes the skin, anti-irritation, anti-inflammatory, does not create a glossy layer. Keeping it fresh and soft in an air-conditioned environment, hot, cold, and dry climate.

In addition, Mineral Spray Water is also an effective tool for girls who like to make up. In particular, if you accidentally burn a motorbike, you should use mineral water to spray continuously on the skin until the skin is cool to avoid blistering and blistering.

Mineral Spray Water with the main ingredient is pure water, rich in trace elements and minerals will quickly absorb and provide moisture to the skin naturally so you do not have to worry about oil spills. Squash or get acne due to not suitable as when applying creams.

Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water 300ml

Mineral Spray Products For Oily Skin - Must-Have Products
Mineral Spray Products For Oily Skin – Must-Have Products

Vichy is a famous French brand founded in 1931 in the city of the same name Vichy by dermatologist Haller and businessman Guerin. With many years of experience, Vichy research institute has created many new and effective ways to take care of skin health. All Vichy products are thoroughly and rigorously tested under the supervision of a dermatologist for safety and mildness for the skin, especially for sensitive skin. In addition, Vichy products have been shown to be hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and contain mineral-rich Vichy mineral water that strengthens and enhances skin regeneration. Product Description Vichy Thermale Water is natural and cannot be produced artificially. Formed through a long process: Starting from deep in the volcanic bottom of Auvergne region, Vichy Thermal Spa mineral water is gradually transformed and absorbed in rare minerals before returning to the ground, pure and rich useful. Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water cleans the surface of the skin, while immediately soothing the skin, reducing redness, stinging and burning sensation. In particular, the product also enhances the skin’s ability to prevent natural aging, giving the skin a full vitality. Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water is used for many purposes such as after gym, after sun exposure, skin allergies, skin dehydrated.