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Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic 2021 Review

Mercedes-Benz Vietnam has silently launched a new generation A-Class car in the midst of Covid-19 but did not choose to launch online like competitors BMW or Audi. Instead of choosing the option to bring back the regular versions, the German joint venture makes users satisfied when choosing the high-performance version AMG A 35 4Matic 2021. Let’s review Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic 2021 with Bigguidess!

Exterior of Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic 2021

Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic 2021 Review

The Mercedes A-Class is similar in size to Mercedes’ cheapest sedan, the CLA, but in terms of design, it is completely different. The sedan version of the A-Class in Vietnam has length x width x height of 4,555 x 1,796 x 1,434 mm, respectively.

The appearance of the Mercedes AMG A 35 4Matic 2021 sports bold with flashy exterior, impressive in the AMG shirt famous for its personality. The front of the car has a black grille reinforced by a 3-pointed star logo and horizontal metal bar.

Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic 2021 Review

The two sides, the front lights of the car have a triangular shape that bends in two unique directions, applying Full-LED technology for good lighting.

Inside the transparent glass layer is an L-shaped daytime LEd strip with a raised bottom. The air intake cavity below is designed with sharp claws facing each other, emphasizing the sportiness and masculinity of the car.

Seen from the side, Mercedes AMG A 35 4Matic 2021 quality with 19-inch wheels with 5 double spoke vivid in every detail.

The B and C pillars all use beautiful glossy black plastic that fits neatly in a shiny chrome metal frame. Car body is carefully polished with smooth tendons running through to increase aerodynamics.

The rear end makes users fascinated by the powerful and clear sportsmanship. On the trunk lid is a embossed monocoque spoiler that makes the car look better and lets you confidently rush forward. The spike-shaped taillights rotate together with a unique LED thread.


Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic 2021 Review
Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic 2021 Review

The first impression when entering this Mercedes-AMG cockpit is not the spaciousness of the car but the design too “quality” and luxury. The wheelbase 2,729 mm is the right number to set up a nice space for the car.
The cockpit is the place where you can most enjoy your eyes when applying design inspiration from the future thanks to the digital style and clearly visible technology in every detail. Surrounding the car are bright interior lights creating a lively space while sitting inside.
The dashboard is European style when the surface splits into many separate floors in the background of the lights running through. The air-conditioning vane-shaped air vents are arranged along the dashboard extremely unique. The bottom of the wheel is made of soft Nappa leather, with 3 spoke parts and completely metal material that emphasizes the sportiness of the Mercedes-AMG models.

In particular, the center console is no longer the place where many buttons appear, instead there are 3 air-conditioning doors placed adjacent to each other. The two main screens in the center are positioned as high as tablets so the cockpit is immersed in the world of technology.
All seats on the car are Artico leather and Dinamica microfiber arranged evenly on the door and dashboard.

The sedan design makes the rear compartment not too tight, but it just stops at enough for a sedan because the space above for the rear seats is up to 944mm – the most generous segment.

Luggage compartment

The car has a luggage compartment of 420L, spacious and comfortable for a sedan to make long trips. The rear seat of the car can be folded to expand the area to accommodate many large-sized furniture.

Operating Mercedes AMG A35 4Matic 2021

Touched by the AMG tuning company, the AMG A35 4Matic car uses a 2.0L engine, but now has a capacity of up to 255Kw (306Hp) at the 5800-6100 rpm range. Combined with the AMG 7-speed automatic transmission and the renowned 4MATIC all-wheel drive, the car is capable of accelerating from 0-100km / h in just 4.8 seconds. The maximum speed that the talented men can enjoy is 250km / h.


Mercedes A35 4Matic 2021 uses an all-new M260 engine that applies 2.0L dual-turbocharging technology, producing a maximum capacity of 306 hp, maximum torque of 400 Nm. Combined with the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and the 4-wheel-drive AMG Performance 4MATIC, the car offers ideal performance.