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Makeup Tutorials for Beginners – Simple and basic makeup steps

Let’s start with the basics. If you’re looking for a no-makeup makeup look, this tutorial will show you everything from how to properly conceal your under-eye bags to shaping your eyebrows and blending in your foundation with a beauty blender Original Makeup Sponge. She explains why each step is important and tells you why she uses the techniques she does. It’s perfect if you want a fresh, flawless look on the daily that you can do in under ten minutes. Let’s join Bigguidess to find out makeup tutorials for beginners.

Simple makeup steps

Step 1: Clean your face

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Cleansing your face is the first step you must have before applying makeup. The stage is extremely important, it will help the skin to be brighter and clearer, helping to smooth the powder layer. First of all, you need to wash your face clean with a cleanser and cool water. The temperature of the water will help tighten pores and smooth skin.

Step 2: Use Toner
Use a toner to help balance the natural moisture and pH of the skin. Besides, the toner will help remove stubborn dirt in the pores.

Step 3: Use moisturizer

Makeup Tutorials for Beginners - Simple and basic makeup steps

This is the last step of skincare before applying makeup. You should gently apply the lotion in a circular motion, do not apply it vigorously as it will make the skin sag. Besides, do not forget to apply more on the neck. To make the skin of the face and neck more even, we also prepare for a more thoughtful neck.

Use your hands to gently pat to let the cream penetrate the skin and leave for about 2 minutes, then start working on makeup.

Step 4: use a primer
Using a primer is an indispensable step in makeup. If you want to have beautiful makeup, you should not skip this step. Besides, the primer also makes the skin brighter and helps the coating to be more durable

Step 5: Concealer

Makeup Tutorials for Beginners - Simple and basic makeup steps
Makeup Tutorials for Beginners – Simple and basic makeup steps

Before using foundation, use concealer. You can use concealer bars to dot the bruises on the face, and spread them evenly with your ring finger.

Step 6: Use foundation
You need to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Using foundation helps the skin to be evenly colored and eat more, this is the most effective stage of support in the makeup process. You can use the following foundation creams:

Liquid form: quite suitable for hot and humid climates
Ingots and compresses: Cover blemishes very well, but will make your skin easy to cakey
Step 7: Make up your eyes

Makeup Tutorials for Beginners - Simple and basic makeup steps
Makeup Tutorials for Beginners – Simple and basic makeup steps

Using an eyebrow pencil that matches your hair color will make your face look more natural.
For basic makeup, you should only choose neutral eye colors such as peach, copper brown, and pink skin … will easily create more natural beauty.
Next, use a pencil to draw eye contours, and draw a liner inside the eyelids to make the eyes natural and innocent.
You press curl and brush mascara to help curl longer. You should not pull out the mascara brush too much as it will dry faster than usual.

Some notes when wearing makeup

You need to understand the following before and after makeup rules to always look radiant and beautiful:

Before applying makeup, you must clean your skin
Use hair pins to push hair back to avoid stabbing in the face, affecting the makeup process
Makeup items such as powder, foundation … there are many types and each skin tone will have the right type so you need to pay attention to choose the right one.
After makeup, you need to remove makeup thoroughly with makeup remover and facial cleanser, otherwise, it will block pores causing acne.

That is done with the simplest makeup steps for new girls. It can be a bit difficult at first, but it will quickly work over time. Wish you are always confident and beautiful.

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