Instructions on how to walk properly for good health
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Instructions on how to walk properly for good health: 6 effective steps to note

Are you a person who loves walking but has not achieved the desired effect? This may come from your running not properly, your walking technique is not standard. Practicing sports such as applying the right walking technique requires skills and techniques to get a quick effect.

You can follow the how to walk properly content to get more experiences. Let’s work with Bigguidess to find the most effective walking method.

1. What is walking?

Walking is a physical activity that uses your legs to move forward, or takes the form of moving backward (walking backward). Meanwhile, you combine the action of 2 hands to get the force to go forward.

Walking is a simple but effective way to exercise and exercise. If you exercise regularly and properly, you will have a better health. Experts recommend that we walk every day to be healthier.

You can choose a suitable walking location, should go to places near the living area, can walk alone or go with you, in groups…

2. What is the effect of walking properly?

Proper walking exercise brings many benefits to the body. The health benefits of walking have been scientifically proven.

The effect of walking properly

Here are some benefits from walking properly for our body and health:

  • Helps lose weight and burn calories : Walking or any type of aerobic exercise can help with weight loss. In a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, students who walked 4.8 km lost 9.4% more body fat than a group of students who did not exercise.
  • Improves Heart Health : Walking is a great aerobic exercise that promotes cardiovascular health, increasing physical activity improves cholesterol levels in overweight men and women.
  • Better breathing: Like other exercises, walking helps to increase lung capacity and strengthen respiratory muscle activities. Proper walking exercises stimulate breathing and inhalation occurs with a faster process.
  • Strengthens bones : Daily walking can help promote bone health and prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women. The bones of the legs and arms participate strongly in the running process, subject to more pressure and thereby enhance endurance as well as increase bone density, avoiding age-related osteoporosis and aging process.
  • Muscle toning : Exercises such as walking can help increase skeletal muscle mass and musculoskeletal system function. Besides, muscles such as thighs and buttocks are also exercised and subjected to great pressure, thereby making them firmer and more supple.
  • Reduce stress, stress : During the operation, the body secretes the hormone Endorphin to help you feel more relaxed and refreshed. In addition, one explanation is that walking increases gas exchange, a better functioning circulatory system will make the body operate stably and better, including psychological problems.

3. Instructions on how to walk properly for good health

3.1. Correct wa

lking posture technique

So how to walk properly? How is it done? According to experts, you need to follow the techniques described below.

  • Straight line of sight : The direction of your eyes while walking should focus forward, if shown in length, about 10 to 20 feet from the ground (1 foot = 0.3048 m), equivalent to more than 3 meters to more 6 meters. Do not look down at your feet while walking.

How to walk properly

  • Hands relaxed : Arms should be moved at about a 90-degree angle. You can swing your arms freely during the exercise. If you want to accelerate, hold your hands half-heartedly, push forward, across the chest.
  • Straight posture, shoulders relaxed : Keep a straight posture, making sure not to lean forward or backward. In addition, you also need to pay attention that your shoulders should be relaxed and square or facing forward, not stooped.
  • Walk on foot : Perform a toe shrug in the foot to create forward force and land on the heel.

How to walk properly

  • Breathe evenly : Breathing is one of the important things to help you walk supple, avoid losing a lot of strength. You should follow the rule of inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth to walk longer.

3.2. The right outfit

Appropriate clothing helps you exercise more comfortably, it is important to pay attention to choosing the right shoes and clothes.

The right outfit to walking

  • Walking shoes : Walking requires sports shoes and clothes designed for exercise and personal training. There are shoes made specifically for your walking. But depending on your own conditions, you can still choose the right shoes to practice how to walk properly. Trainers need to find shoes with the right size and design for their feet, not too loose or not too tight. When running feels comfortable, no foot pain.
  • Clothing : Besides having the right walking shoes, you also need to buy yourself a well-fitted workout suit, elastic material, with high sweat absorption. Currently on the market there are many models of specialized sportswear with a variety of colors. Walking is a simple form of exercise, so you just need to make sure your clothes are cool and comfortable.

3.3. Choose an appropriate place and space for walking

If you want to exercise, you can choose for yourself different spaces, which can be indoor or outdoor. If you walk in the evening, you should go at home or in a well-lit place.

You should choose an area that is spacious, not too crowded to walk. It can be the park, around the lake, the field, on the beach, in the field… Walking places need fresh air, airy, lots of trees to breathe well.

3.4. Warm up well before walking

You should spend about 5-7 minutes to warm up your body, get used to the activities and stretch your skeletal muscles.

Some warm-up exercises stretch, twist, and stretch appropriate muscles. A thorough warm-up helps you reduce the case of muscle pain, cramps…

3.5. Walking speed

According to experts’ calculations, the average human walking speed is about 5.0 kilometers per hour (km/h), or about 3.1 miles per hour (mph).

In there:

  • The average walking speed in children is 4.75 km/h.
  • The average walking speed in adults is between 5.32 km/h and 5.43 km/h.

3.6. Walking time

You can choose to walk in the morning, afternoon or evening depending on what time of day you have, and arrange your work properly. But the best time to walk according to the trainers is in the afternoon, the time after 16 o’clock because this is when the muscle performance is at its best.

Each time you walk, you can practice for an average of about 20-30 minutes. For those who have time or health, walking can be longer from 45 minutes to 1 hour. For those who are new to practice, you can go for about 15 minutes each time.


As such, the above are important things related how to walk properly as well as matters of preparation when walking, important note. Walking is a process if you train it to become a habit. When it becomes a habit, this will help you live a happier, healthier life every day thanks to practice.

Instead of choosing a time to drink, sit with a useless computer, sleep in … why don’t you choose to jog every day to protect your health, improve your spirits and avoid diseases! Bigguidess hopes you always keep your passion and motivation to walk every day to be healthier!

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