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How to take care of facial skin in the summer that you should know

Possessing smooth, healthy, and flawless white skin is the dream of many women. However, not everyone owns such skin. Therefore, taking care of your skin and improving your skin is always something that women are very concerned about. Especially in this hot weather, facial skincare in the summer is even more important. In the summer, the pores become larger, and the skin increases the secretion of sweat and oil.

In addition, the skin is also affected by ultraviolet rays, so moisture is lost on the surface, causing the basic epidermis to create more melamine causing dark spots. Without proper care, your skin is very susceptible to darkening, damage, and rapid aging. So, let’s find out how to take care of facial skin in the summer!

How to take care of facial skin in the summer is always a problem that many women are concerned about because, without proper care, their skin is easy to be damaged, damaged, and quickly aging.

Skin cleansing

To best take care of your skin on a hot day, the first step is to clean the skin surface every day. The most popular and widely used method is a cleanser. However, not all types are suitable. To limit skin irritation, you should choose a cleanser with natural extracts. When redness or itching occurs, use should be discontinued immediately

Often women think that only dry skin needs moisturizer, moisturizer makes skin oily and pimples … That’s completely wrong, whether dry or oily skin needs moisturizing every day to supply the necessary amount of water. If you have oily skin, you should choose a gel moisturizer that quickly penetrates the skin, providing water and moisture without being greasy. Natural masks such as fruit, milk, and unsweetened yogurt are also good sources of moisture and nutrients for the skin.

Skin cleansing
How to take care of facial skin in the summer that you should know


This is a very important step in summer skin care, you should choose sunscreen products with SPF 30 ++ or higher, this sun protection factor is effective enough for your skin under the scorching sun of summer. Be careful to apply sunscreen to the face and sun-exposed areas at least 15 minutes before going out, and reapply every 4 hours or after each exposure to seawater, or swimming pool … Also used as a makeup base in daily makeup, don’t wear heavy makeup on these hot days …


Exfoliation is a way to help protect and keep skin healthy. Every 2 weeks, the skin regenerates once. With the age of 28-30, regeneration time is up to 28 days longer. During this time, the old skin layer dries, and the dead skin cells stick to the skin. Therefore, to keep your skin fresh, and full of vitality, you should conduct exfoliation twice a week.

How to take care of facial skin in the summer that you should know
How to take care of facial skin in the summer that you should know


This is considered an important care step in the skin cleansing process for fresh and healthy skin. No matter what type of skin your skin is, it is still essential to use moisturizer. If possible, ask a dermatologist to measure the elasticity and sebum to choose the right moisturizer for your skin.

Detox skin

Detox skin is extremely important to clean pores clogged with sebum, and dirt. Choose masks that contain mineral mud, clay, or AHA to purify your skin. More simply, you can grind AHA-rich fruits like papaya to apply to your skin 2-3 times a week. Drinking detox water is also a great choice to help detoxify, heal and beautify the skin.

Eating, living in moderation

Water is indispensable for each of us. Water helps you to eliminate many harmful substances in the body, cool down, and limit acne. Every day you should drink at least 2.5 liters or more. Especially in the hot summer period, the skin needs additional moisture from water. You should drink water regularly throughout the day, preferably between meals.

Healthy living, active, no stimulants along with a reasonable diet with lots of fruits and vegetables will help you have healthy young skin during 4 seasons, not just summer.

Hope that the above summer facial care treatments will help you protect and effectively nourish your skin.

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