How To Make Coconut Water
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How To Make Coconut Water For Summer- Only 4 Easy Steps

How To Make Coconut Water? In tropical nations where this fruit is commonly available, coconut water is a popular beverage that offers numerous health advantages. Coconut water is extracted from young, green coconuts, which have a sweeter, nuttier flavor and have a higher water content than ripe coconuts.

Coconut water is not only hydrating but also rich in vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function properly. It is particularly beneficial for regulating intestinal transit, boosting energy, getting rid of toxins, and improving the appearance of the skin, among other things. It is ideal for athletes because it has more potassium and less salt and calories than commercial drinks. Additionally, it looks more natural.

You can drink coconut water straight from the fruit, but you can also make a delectable homemade concoction as we demonstrate in the following How To Make Coconut Water.

How To Make Coconut Water?

How To Make Coconut Water

On a hot summer day, it’s difficult to think of a beverage that is more satiating than a glass of cool, clear water. What if, however, this was just the beginning of something even better? It is possible! Homemade coconut water, which many people like drinking, is best produced with filtered water and is especially popular in the summer.

Packaged coconut water: widely used but harmful

Coconut water has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as a result of its capacity to satisfy thirst and replenish electrolytes. In fact, it is predicted that sales of coconut water will surpass $2 billion over the next five years. Sadly, this means that numerous millions of discarded bottles will end up in waterways and landfills. (Not to mention the financial blow.)

Two components:

The presence of additives in bottled coconut water is still another drawback. There are only two components needed to make homemade coconut water: coconut and water. Of course, individuals can taste and add a little honey or sea salt. But for straightforward, excellent coconut water, just two ingredients are required.


2 cups of filtered water and 1 coconut


  • Knife in your pocket
  • Skewer Hammer (or mallet)
  • Vitamix

How To Make Coconut Water For Summer? Only 4 Easy Steps

How To Make Coconut Water

Step 1:

You must purchase a genuine coconut and open it before you can start creating this coconut water recipe. Although it could seem challenging to open, it is simpler than it seems. To begin, poke one of the three holes at the coconut’s one end with an opener. Once the hole is formed, pour the water into a glass, filter it to get rid of any remaining coconut crust, and then set it away.

Step 2:

The white meat of your coconut must then be split in half. You can achieve this by hitting the surface repeatedly with a hammer until it opens. After that, cut out the coconut meat using a knife. Continue to read if you don’t know How To Make Coconut Water, we also give the instruction in the next part of the How To Make Coconut Water article.

Step 3:

Grate the coconut meat after you’ve removed it. Grate some coconut, and add two tablespoons of white sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, and coconut water to the mixer. For a few seconds, mix all ingredients at medium speed. If you want the coconut water to be healthy, omit the sugar.

Step 4:

Pour the evaporated milk and some mineral water once the ingredients have been thoroughly combined. Once more combine till smooth. As you want the beverage to be as liquid as water, avoid adding too much-evaporated milk. If you add too much milk, the dish will resemble a smoothie more. In a jar, add ice to the liquid that has resulted. You can make drinkable coconut water by following these easy instructions.

How To Open a Coconut Easily?

Step 1: The correct tools are the first thing you’ll need to purchase in order to open a coconut and use its contents to produce coconut oil or consume it. The ideal set of tools includes a knife, a basin to contain the juice, a screwdriver, or another sharp implement (such as a huge nail). We are dealing with the brown shell of the coconut, which is extremely robust on the outside, as we are already aware.

How To Make Coconut Water

Step 2: If we look attentively, we can observe that the coconut shell has three dimples on the bottom. With a mild hammer, we can drive the tip of the nail into the largest of these dimples or penetrate the shell with a brace and bit. The juice from inside the coconut should then be poured into a container for drinking because it contains healthy ingredients for our bodies.

Step 3: Open the coconut once you’ve gathered all the juice. There are numerous methods for doing this. One method involves holding the coconut with a hand on each end, finding a curb or step, and rapping it so that it splits into two nearly equal halves. Before hitting the coconut, we can cover it with a handkerchief if we aren’t certain about our aim.

Step 4: Another popular approach is to give the coconut a few taps with the blunt edge of a broad knife. However, you must use this technique while holding the coconut over a container because else you would lose the coconut milk.

To use this technique, hold the coconut in one hand and slowly rotate it while striking the thickest area of the coconut with the blunt side of the knife blade. The coconut ought to begin to crack after taking a few blows and eventually split in half. You can easily open a coconut along the middle in this manner with a little effort.

How To Make Coconut Water

Step 5: Another effective method is to set the coconut upright on the ground after drilling a hole and draining the juice. Find the joint that separates the shell’s two parts. Insert the knife into the seam, then gently tap the top of the knife with the hammer. The coconut will virtually split in half at this point, making it simple to cut with the knife inserted in this incision. This requires great expertise and caution on your part.


Don’t allow the hard shell to deter you from trying coconuts because they are not only a wonderful ingredient but also packed with essential vitamins and minerals. You can also use the extracts for a range of cosmetic uses. After reading this article, we hope you know How To Make Coconut Water. Thank you for reading and see you next time!