How to Clear Cache in Firefox
How to Clear Cache in Firefox
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How to Clear Cache in Firefox

Clearing the cache in Firefox is simple, whether you do it manually or automatically. Firefox, like all internet browsers, temporarily saves content (such as photos) in a cache to aid in surfing performance. If Firefox is your favorite browser, you may delete the cache manually by going to the “Privacy & Security” page in the browser options. You may also use custom settings to remove the cache automatically. Here’s how to clear cache in firefox.

How to clear cache in Firefox manually

How to clear cache in Firefox manually
How to clear cache in Firefox manually

To delete the cache in the Firefox browser, simply follow the procedures outlined below. It’s a quick and simple process that requires less than a second to perform. Deleting the cache in Firefox is completely safe and will not delete any data on computers. Check out the following section to learn how to clean the Firefox cache on a tablet or smartphone.

  • Open Firefox and click Options from the tri menu button in the top corner of the application. Click the Firefox menu in Firefox for Mac, then select Preferences. Alternatively, on a Windows computer, open the new tab or window and type about: preferences. ​If Options isn’t in the menu, go to Customize and drag it from the section of Additional Features and Tools to the Menu.
  • On the left, click the Privacy & Security or Privacy tab.
  • Select Clear History from the History menu. If you don’t see the link, set Firefox’s will to Remember history. When you’re finished, return it to your personalized configuration.
  • Choose Everything from the Time frame to clear the drop-down arrow, or select a different choice based on how much the cache you would like to erase.
  • Clear all checkboxes for everything but Cache in the History section. Select the necessary checkboxes to delete additional saved data, such as the browsing history. In the following step, these are cleaned with the cache. ​
  • To erase anything you ticked in the previous step, select OK or Clear Now.
  • Wait for the box to close, indicating that the stored files (the cache) have been emptied and that you may now use Firefox.
    If the internet cache is huge, Firefox may freeze while it removes the data. Be patient; it will ultimately complete the task.

How to clear cache in Firefox From Mobile App

How to clear cache in Firefox From Mobile App
How to clear cache in Firefox From Mobile App

Clearing the cookie in the Firefox mobile app is comparable to clearing the cache in the desktop version. The option to remove the Firefox cache is available in the settings, and you may choose what sort of data to delete in addition to the cache, such as browser history and cookies.

  • Choose the three-dot menu icon on the upper-right side of the Firefox app for Android, then tap Settings. Tap the three-lined menu bar in the bottom part of iOS, then Settings.
  • On Android, select Clear Private Data, and on iOS, select Data Management.
  • Choose Cache or any objects you want to remove.
  • On Android, choose Clear Data. Select Clear Private Data and then OK for iOS.

What Exactly Is the Firefox Cache?

The Firefox cache includes locally cached versions of online pages that you have recently browsed. This way, the next time you enter a page, Firefox will load it from the stored copy rather than from the internet.

Clearing the caches in Firefox does not have to be done on a daily basis, but it can help to address or prevent certain issues. If the cache does not update when Firefox detects a modification on the website, or if the cached files are damaged, web pages may appear and behave weirdly.

Tips for How to Clear Cache in Firefox

Tips for How to Clear Cache in Firefox
Tips for How to Clear Cache in Firefox

With certain sophisticated methods and shortcuts, you may save time and erase the cache as precisely as you like.

  • Some previous versions of Firefox provide similar methods for emptying the cache, but you really should keep Firefox up to date.
  • To proceed directly to Step 5, press Ctrl+Shift+Delete on your keyboard.
  • If you would not want to remove all of Firefox’s cache, change the time period in Step 5. Select between the last hour, the last two hours, the last 4 hours, or today. If the data was produced within that time range, Firefox clears the cache.
  • Malware might make it harder to clear the cache in Firefox. You may discover that even after instructing Firefox to erase the cached files, they remain. Scan your system for dangerous files, then return to Step 1.
  • Type about: cache in the URL bar of Firefox to examine cache information.
    When refreshing a page in Firefox (or most other web browsers), hold down the Shift key to request the most recent live page and skip the cached version. This is possible without clearing the cache as explained before.

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