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Honda City and Toyota Vios: The race of Class B Sedan

If you compare sales, it is difficult for any car to overturn the throne of Toyota Vios at the moment. The 3rd generation of Vios that Toyota Vietnam introduced in early 2014 made it to the top of the list for many consecutive months after that. In this article, we will compare the two most advanced versions, the Honda City CVT and the Toyota Vios G, to see the best that the brand has sent.

1. Exterior

In terms of appearance, Honda City 2015 inherits the famous design philosophy Exciting H Design with a large 1-spoke grille connecting the headlight cluster and the H-shaped logo in the center. This image can be easily found on some other models such as CR-V, Civic 2016 or more recently Odyssey. The sharp front bumper is divided into 3 parts with 2 ribbed lines on the capo that make the front of the car even more powerful.

Honda City and Toyota Vios: Exterior
Honda City and Toyota Vios: Exterior

The bodywork also appears two ribs on each side that extend from front to rear. The rear lights are simply designed, divided into separate parts including reverse lights, brakes, positioning and turn signals. Other equipment includes rearview mirror integrated turn signal, 16-inch wheels and 185 / 55R16 tires.

In addition, there is a small change in the appearance of Honda City 2015 compared to the old version is the door handle integrated with smart door button. This function helps the driver to easily open the door without using the key when the distance with the vehicle is close enough.

Meanwhile, the design of Vios does not have much in common with other “brothers” but has neutral features. Suitable for many customers, not typical as Honda City. The front of the car is a neat grille, divided into 2 parts combining a large trapezoidal air inlet right below.

Multi-sided Toyota headlights, using a combination of glossy halogen lamps on a metal-plated background. This type of lamp not only brings aesthetic value but also enhances light output compared to conventional halogen. The body also appears 2 near floating lines on each side that extend from the front wheel to the rear.

Honda City and Toyota Vios: Exterior
Honda City and Toyota Vios: Exterior

Big rear lights, turn signals and reverse lights are integrated with a chrome bar in the middle and the exhaust is hidden under the car. Toyota Vios exterior equipment includes integrated mirrors and 15-inch wheels.

3. Interior

Just like the looks, the interior of the two cars from Japan also go in two different directions. As can be seen, the cabin of the Toyota Vios feels more luxurious and modern than many competitors.

Although using the same black-and-white center screen, the Vios looks like a high-end LCD screen. Control buttons such as temperature, fan, … are neatly arranged in clusters. Especially the small display in the middle. Moreover, the seats of the Toyota Vios also use leather; 6-way manual and 4-way manual driver’s seat for side seats; The rear seats have additional headrests for 3 people and convenient armrests for long trips.

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In contrast to Toyota Vios, Honda City focuses on driving feeling rather than enjoying. Expressed through the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel, the Start / Stop button and the ECON Mode economical driving mode. In the rear seats, the recent upgrade of Honda City has not been equipped with armrests, although the air vent is a strong point for a long time.

4. Conclusion

In general, both Honda City and Toyota Vios show two completely different directions. Honda City can easily conquer customers who love the feeling of driving and “pay attention” to the safety equipment. Meanwhile, the Toyota Vios has a common appearance that is suitable for many different customers, not as personality as its compatriots. Together with the Toyota branding, Vios is the choice of those with a strong and durable mentality.