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Ford Tourneo Dcar President Review – Luxury and class

To meet the needs of customers who are looking for a flexible means of transportation in the city with high-class interior space. Dcar Limousine has just presented the Ford Tourneo Limousine Dcar President. Let’s review Ford Tourneo Dcar President with Bigguidess! Compared with the regular version, Tourneo Limousine Dcar President will be focused on optimizing the luxury interior.

Ford Tourneo Dcar President Review – Luxury and class

Exterior – High-end, luxury

Customers will easily recognize the Ford Tourneo Dcar President from the outside thanks to the 2-tone black and silver color scheme that exudes luxury. This color scheme is very similar to super-luxury sedans Mercedes-Benz Maybach.


Thereby helping the boss feel more confident when meeting with the partner, not merely serving relaxation purposes. Similar to the regular versions, the Tourneo Limousine Dcar President also has an overall DxRxC size of 4976 x 2095 x 1990 mm.

The front of the car stands out with a large, aggressive-looking front light cluster using a Halogen lamp integrated with a Projector lens. Meanwhile, the grille has a design similar to the Ford EcoSport urban SUV.

Tourneo Limousine Dcar President uses powerful 16-inch, 5-split-spoke wheels. Comes with a set of thick tires with parameters 215 / 65R16 to ensure a smooth ride. Above is a pair of rearview mirrors with electric folding-adjustment, automatic anti-glare and integrated turn indicator lights.


Except for the unique 2-tone color scheme, the tail of the Tourneo Limousine Dcar President also has another identifying detail, which is the words “DCAR Royal” that pops up premium. Connecting the two chimney taillights is a newly added large LED strip that creates a seamless look, creating a distinctive mark.

Exterior – Luxury, worthy of business

Stepping into the interior compartment, customers will be overwhelmed by the luxury and high-class amenities on Tourneo Dcar President Limousine. For the boss to have private space, the cockpit and the rear VIP compartment have been separated by an integrated baffle with 32-inch screen.


The 32-inch high-definition TV screen is integrated by Dcar Limousine with “genuine” speakers that bring vivid, quality sound effects. Also supports connecting iPad Air and Apple TV.

The rear VIP compartment has reduced to only 2 seats to maximize the space, providing comfort for passengers. All seats are upholstered in high quality leather, wood trim with thick, smooth cushioning and allow leg-straightening with large-sized pedestals.


In addition, the seat also has a reclining mode that makes this position like a real bed. The boss can enjoy a good night’s sleep in his room during long journeys. In the VIP compartment, customers can master the gadgets around by applying 4.0 technology and programming the entertainment screen control system.

To enhance the luxury, Dcar Limousine also designed a unique starry sky on the ceiling like those on Rolls-Royce super cars. And yet, the car also has a mini bar area with a refrigerator and a hot water heater for the owner to relax.

Engine, operation

Ford Tourneo Limousine Dcar President has the “heart” of a 2.0L Petrol engine, 16-valve EcoBoost. This machine is capable of producing a maximum capacity of 200 hp at 5500 rpm, maximum torque of 300 Nm at 3000 rpm. All power is transmitted to the front-wheel drive system through a 6-speed automatic transmission.

For demanding owners, smoothness is always a top priority when traveling. In this regard, Tourneo Limousine Dcar President proved to outperform the competition thanks to the unique electronic pneumatic rear suspension in the segment. This is an equipment that usually only appears on luxury cars over VND 4 billion.

Safety – Variety

The safety list on the Ford Tourneo Limousine Dcar President is similar to the regular versions, including:

6 airbags
Cruise control
Anti-lock brakes
Electronic brake force distribution
Assist to begin across hill
Electromagnetic balance
Anti-slip control
Car anti-roll control
Support front / rear parking
Reverse camera


With a luxurious and versatile interior compartment, when it can be both a bedroom, it can be turned into a mini bar or a mobile meeting room. Ford Tourneo Limousine Dcar President will be the ideal choice for family, corporate, luxury hotel / resort customers.