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Best Ways to Motivate Your Children to Learn

Many parents have been confused about whether we are adequately reprimanding our children when trying to teach them a valuable lesson. How much is too much, is always the question. Some parents are worried about their reproaching techniques, not being strong enough as well. But how many parents have wondered about the system of reward and recognition with their children? It is important to adequately reward your child for good behavior or good work done.

This naturally encourages them to be better. The child stays motivated and does better than before because of the good feeling that comes along with being rewarded. So, what are the best ways to reward a child? Read on and find out more about the ways to motivate your children to learn. Follow Bigguidess to find out right now!

Be More Than Just a Teacher

No matter what your class demographics are, there is one sure way to motivate your class into participating: Get them interested in you as their teacher, and the interest in your subject matter and class activities will soon follow.

Best Ways to Motivate Your Children to Learn
Best Ways to Motivate Your Children to Learn

You are not just a teacher, you are a person too. Sometimes children tend to have the mentality that teachers are just teachers. They exist in school and nowhere else. However, if you let them see you as a person and not just a teacher, you might see a change in how they react to your class and class activities. If they respect you, they will respect the class and be motivated to participate in whatever it is you have for them to do. Of course, that is so much easier said than done. Here are some things you should think about when trying to figure out how to show your human side

Give Them Their Favourite Food

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A happy kid is one that loves his food. Even if you have to indulge them with his favorite snack that is conventionally off limits, do it because your child will understand what a deep impression his good behavior has had on you. Naturally, don’t make this the only kind of reward you are giving out, because you might just be encouraging unhealthy practices without meaning to.

Have fun and be silly

Seriously.  Talk in a crazy voice or be daft and make them wonder what you’ll be up to next.  Some teachers frown upon the idea of playing the clown and having fun because they think it is time-wasting and that it is not their role to be an entertainer.  If it is not in your personality to be a big kid, then you cannot fake it, and that is OK.  If you use fun games and ideas your classes will still be enjoyable.

However, if you are a big kid at heart then you will find that joining in, playing with the children, and generally acting up and being enthusiastic will come naturally to you and is all part of the fun of teaching.  It is not clowning around for the sake of it, it serves to keep a fun and happy learning environment, and this alone can motivate your students.  If your children can laugh with you, and if they LIKE you, they’ll be interested in what you’re doing up there in front of the class.

Winner’s Pride Cards

Best Ways to Motivate Your Children to Learn
Best Ways to Motivate Your Children to Learn

Keep some pride cards handy. This reward works especially well when you have more than one offspring. Healthy competition amongst siblings for a pride card can be a win-win for everyone in the house. Make decorative and pictorial cards that have phrases like’ I cleaned my room today, ‘I finished my vegetables’, or ‘I always follow the rules. Children love bragging about how good they are at things. Appreciation in the form of a Pride card or a Brag card can boost their will to do more in the future.

Gift Them Something Related to Their Favourite Activity

Every child has a favorite activity. This could be gardening, painting, paper crafts, or even games like football, soccer, or cricket. Gift them something important associated with said interest. It could be an autographed bat from their favorite player, or simply a new gardening tool. These types of rewards for children can encourage them to take more interest in their hobbies.