15 Best Places to Visit in August In The World That You Do Not Miss!
15 Best Places to Visit in August In The World That You Do Not Miss!

15 Best Places to Visit in August In The World That You Do Not Miss!

When August arrives, it’s time for the summer holiday all across the world. It’s that time of year when families take out for far-flung vacations as well as local holidays, getting the most of their time off – and the excellent weather. However, if you’re wondering what the best places to visit in August are, you’ve come to the correct spot. We‘ve put together a list of 10 absolutely fantastic destinations to visit in August to offer you some travel inspiration as you plan your summer vacation of a lifetime.

It may be the time of year when everyone goes on vacation, so we’ve looked for places that are less traveled as well as tourist hotspots – it all depends on what you’re looking for! There are festivals abounding, towns pulsating with energy, and even some amazing scenery to view, from beach getaways to mild Pacific Island excursions. These are among the top August vacation spots!

1. Outer Banks in August

Outer Banks in August
Outer Banks: Best Places to Visit in August

Don’t worry, visiting the Outer Banks is nothing like watching the Netflix series. Perhaps just a tiny bit. It has magnificent beaches, state parks, and diving opportunities, so when the weather warms up, it naturally becomes one of the greatest destinations to visit in August. This month is undoubtedly peak season for vacationers. Average temperatures stay around 27°C, with humidity hovering around 80%, making it seem hot and sticky all throughout. The water is likewise at its hottest in August, approximately 27°C. And there are plenty of hours of sunlight each day to fit in a variety of activities!

Prepare to be occupied with events. Exhibitions of regional artwork are featured at the New World Celebration of the Arts in Downtown Manteo. If you want family entertainment, check out the Eastern Shore Pirate Festival, which includes a pirate school. Beer enthusiasts should attend the Whalehead Thursdays Wine Festival. Don’t be fooled by the moniker; it’s a beer haven. Not to mention the WRV Eastern Shore Pro, a well-known surfing championship held at Jennette’s Pier. There’s even an Eastern Shore Watermelon Festival, replete with watermelon-themed everything, to keep you cool.

2. Hungary, Budapest

Sziget Festival grew from a tiny gathering of music aficionados to one of Europe’s top music spectaculars, with people traveling from all over the world to attend. Put on your best dance shoes for over 1,000 concerts on 60 stages, featuring circus acts, theater plays, art installations, and well-known superstars. That is not the only reason why Budapest is one of the greatest destinations to visit in August.

With beautiful warm weather, now is an excellent time to take advantage of the city’s wealth of pampering pool complexes, which include wave pools and water slides. Buda Castle, one of the most popular sights, holds the Exhibition of Crafts, where experts demonstrate unique, traditional crafts via workshops. The nightlife in Budapest is usually vibrant, but the summertime brings the Szechenyi bathing parties. The ‘Sparties’ mix the thermal spa scene with alcohol, light shows, and a lot of dancing.

3. Bashang/Chengde

Chengde is one of China’s most well-known summer resorts. It has Chengde Mountain Town, Small Potala Castle, and many more human sceneries, and the cold night wind makes it easy to fall asleep. Bashang Grassland grasslands are only green in June, July, August, and September each year, with August being the most productive growing season. It’s incredibly nice to see horse racing and the grassy hills.

Summer is the finest time to visit Chengde because it is also the busiest time of year. People visit for the summertime resort, which provides a place for people to avoid the heat of the city. Chengde is famous for its stunning landscape and palaces, with the summer resort being the centerpiece. When you’re not on a package trip, you will need to take a cart to the main sights at the summer resort, which is a massive complex of imperial buildings and gardens. The palaces and lama temples are the highlights; they are similar to the royal museum. The surroundings are always interesting to look at. Keep your admission ticket receipt since there are multiple ticket inspections.

4. Mount Lu/Jiangxi Province

Lushan Mountain is situated in the subtropical monsoon region of eastern China, overlooking a river and close to a lake. It is quite high and the basin is very deep, indicating the different mountain climatic characteristics. Mount Lu’s average temperature from July to September is 16.9 °C, with extreme maximum temperatures of 32 °C in summer, however, it is cool and pleasant there. Mount Lu’s unique climate conditions may generate magnificent, colorful, changeable, and never-ending meteorological scenes such as Clouds Sea, cascade cloud, fog, and halo. Mount Lu has become a world-famous summer resort due to its favorable temperature and stunning natural surroundings.

It has a threatening exterior with a variety of landscapes such as rivers, lakes, and slopes, as well as mountain peaks, yet it has a beautiful interior. Danyang Peak, the mountain’s highest point, rises 1474 meters above sea level. In ancient times, more than 171 peaks were named, as well as 16 rock caves, 20 basins, 22 unusual stones, and 26 ridges. Streams and waters branch out in rivers and valleys to generate torrents, 14 lakes, 18 mountain streams, and 22 waterfalls. All of the spectacular scenery of Lushan Mountain has scientific and tourist importance.

5. Half Moon Bay, Northern California

Half Moon Bay, Northern California
Half Moon Bay, Northern California

If you’re searching for a spot to visit this summer, Half Moon Bay is just north of San Francisco. It has a good temperature, like much of the Coast of California, however, the nights may be chilly and it is frequently foggy, although August offers some of the hottest months. Many of North California’s nicest beaches, such as Venice and Francis beaches, may be located here. If you’re a surfer, one of the most popular spots just north of town is Mavericks, which is known for its 18-meter-high waves.

Half Moon Bay is really only accessible by a tiny two-lane road since it is located in a geologically stressed location with many landslides. The Devil’s Slide Route, a 2-kilometer path that provides amazing views of the spectacular coastline, was recently built and has become highly popular with hikers.

6. Valencia, Spain 

As one of the driest weeks of the year, Valencia has some of the greatest beaches in Spain to visit in August if all you want is sun, waves, and sand. As an added benefit, the surrounding town of Buol is home to one of Spain’s most well-known festivals, La Tomatina. Prepare for one of the messiest interactions you’ll ever have, as revelers bombard each other with tomatoes until the city, and everything in it runs crimson with delicious puree. What is the point of it all? Nothing except pure delight from food battles.

Go to any of the beaches to wash off. La Malvarrosa has a long stretch of beach and a lively promenade. Port Saplaya is a vibrant ancient seaport neighborhood with a harbor and seaside eateries. Join the residents for a bike ride through Turia Gardens and feast your eyes and taste senses at Central Market’s 1,000 or so kiosks. Prepare your camera for trips to ancient and modern landmarks like Valencia Church and the City of Arts and Sciences.

7. Pag Island, Croatia 

With the Cause significant changes Festival in August, a little island near Croatia comes to life to the strains of electronica. Pag Island’s dazzling sands of Zrce beach host worldwide headliners, local musicians, and emerging music acts. Along with the events, festive fans enjoy boat gatherings and chilled-out house soirees to unwind. The event lasts five days, so there are plenty of opportunities to dance, recuperate, swim, and repeat.

Pag Island is now one of Europe’s more hidden tourist destinations, but this will not last long. With two stunning mountain ranges, olive trees, and pastures encircled by the dazzling blue of the Adriatic, this next destination is a region of lunar vistas. Sublime beaches meet isolated, secret coves in one of the warmest spots in the whole region.

Novalja is a party town, but it also has an ancient Roman aqueduct that extends for further than a kilometer. Don’t miss visiting the Pag Triangle, a natural phenomenon of unique stone formations that has piqued the interest of UFO researchers.

8. Bali in August

Bali enjoys gorgeous weather all year, and August is no exception. It’s certainly one of the nicest locations to visit in August, with hard hours and beautiful sky, and plenty of gorgeous weather. There is virtually no way to go wrong! August is the least rainy month on the island, so beach days are a great alternative this time of year! Temperatures average 27°C, however, highs of more than 30°C are not uncommon. The sea temperature is a pleasant 27°C.

Summer vacation season has arrived in many nations across the world, and it’s a popular opportunity to travel to Bali. Summer lodging fees might be exorbitant, and it can be crowded, but it’s worth a trip in August. There are several activities and festivals taking place to keep you occupied. If you can get yourself away from the ocean. If you want to train to surf, head to one of the seaside schools and jump on a board – this is a fantastic time for beginners. The dry weather also makes trekking enjoyable this time of year.

9. Cambria, California

California is one of the greatest states to travel to in August, and this laidback and pleasant beach town is located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco and is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Why not stay over here a day or three if you’re on the famed Highway One route?

August is an excellent time to come since the weather is good, with no rain, and ideal for hiking, biking, and swimming. Moonstone Beach has it all, from beachcombing for crystal shards in the sand to see otters or seals by accident.

A mile-long boardwalk is available for a lovely walk. The reason a lot of people come to Cambria is to see Hearst Castle. The Piedras Internacional de Elephant Seal Rookery is nearby. While August is considerably calmer, that’s when the bull dolphins finish molting and can be seen lounging on the beach.

Try the Coastal Hill Trail for beautiful views of the coastline and to work up an appetite. Cambria is a foodie’s paradise, with restaurants serving every cuisine and vineyards within a seventeen drive away. Definitely, one of the nicest summer beaches to visit!

10. Greece in August

Greece in August
Greece in August

In August, Greece is scorching! It’s also quite crowded, given that it’s prime summer vacation season. Hotels are costly, and flights may be as well. Doesn’t seem like one of the greatest locations to visit in August, does it? However, there is a reason behind its popularity. On some pretty darn wonderful Aegean islands, you’re pretty much-assured sunlight, a fantastic buzzy vibe, open restaurants, and some glorious beaches. Temperatures vary around the Mediterranean country but anticipate an average of 33°C. It might be hotter or colder, but it’s always burning. One advantage is that it is not humid; rather, it is a dry Greek heat.

Why should you visit Greece in August? Athens is far too hot for touring, and forget Delphi and Meteora – wandering over the mainland at this time of year is a chore. But if you’re in Greece in August, there are a slew of free concerts going on across the city, including near the Acropolis, which is quite spectacular.

Other events exist, such as the Aegina World Music Event, which hosts classical music for a month on the island of Aegina. For the Greek Orthodox, Assumption is a significant affair. The celebration is observed on August 15th throughout the country, but Tinos goes above and above.

11. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia

The “City of Steel” may not sound like a tourist destination, but Pittsburgh has evolved much since its days of heavy industry and steelworks. It is now an education and health care center, with 68 institutions and universities. It has a venerable past, as indicated by the Fort Pitt Brick building in Point State Park, which was established in 1764, and there are over 30 museums that may keep a tourist engrossed for a month, ranging from the Kelso Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology to a museum to Andy Warhol’s art.

With its position at the convergence of the Pennsylvania and Monongahela Rivers, wherever they meet to form the Ohio River and many of the city’s attractions are located, the city is relatively walkable and appealing. Pittsburgh has 446 bridges, demonstrating the importance of rivers as part of the city’s infrastructure.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s house, “Fallingwater,” is located a bit outside of town but is well worth the 90-minute journey. It has been considered the most important house of the twentieth century and is a World Heritage Site. Make the most of the environment when coming here in August, from summer festivals, musical performances, and open-air cinemas to sailing along the waterways and lovely riverside pathways.

12. Estonia: Best Places to Visit in August

You might be asking why Estonia is on our list of the top locations to visit in August, but don’t be too cynical. August is the busiest month for visitors to Estonia. For starters, expect mild temperatures: it’s the third month of the year. The average daily temperature is 22°C, but nighttime temperatures can drop to approximately 12°C. While it’s not precisely the Med, the temperatures make seeing the various towns of this Nordic nation – and venturing out to discover nature – a definite choice.

The rain is the only thing you’ll need to plan for. I realize it’s not perfect. Simply bring your waterproof clothing and you’ll be fine. The events more than compensate!

Estonia’s summer calendar is jam-packed with festivals and exciting events. Tallinn Old Town Days, when the old streets feel alive with live music, exhibits, and other entertainment, are a must-see. Or the Night Song Fest Free Estonia, which takes place on August 20th and is a community sing-along to commemorate the country’s freedom.

The Night of Historic Lights on August 28th, however, is possibly the most culturally significant, with beaches around the Baltic coast lighting up with a string of campfires and local revelry.

13. The Finger Lakes, New York State

Finger Lakes is simply too large to explore completely in a single weekend, which is why we advocate multiple trips. The “fingers” are eleven long, deep, and thin glacial lakes (Onondaga Lake is a contender for a 12th), and the region is exceptionally fertile, which has promoted the construction of several wine estates. Other tipples are popular among the Finger Lakes residents, and you may visit artisan brewers, cideries (this is also a significant iPod touch region), and distilleries.

Because the territory is so vast, it is better to start in the center and work your way out. You might stay in Syracuse, Ithaca, or Corning (America’s Crystal City and associated with all things glass), or you could stay in a resort or camp on one of the lakes. Water sports abound, from canoeing to wakeboarding, at a new resort on Canandaigua Lake.

There are hikes for everyone, several of which lead you past the region’s waterfalls. There are also casinos, festivals, and theatres for people who enjoy the nightlife. If you’re seeking a keepsake or just some peaceful contemplation, there are plenty of arts and creative galleries to choose from.

14. Madeira, Portugal: Best Places to Visit in August

It’s frequently ranked as one of the world’s finest island vacation locations, so it’s safe to assume this is one of the greatest places to vacation in August. Madeira is a tropical wonderland of extinct volcanoes off Morocco’s coast. The breathtaking backdrop features soaring granite walls, plunging valleys, rich floral gardens, and the azure Atlantic lapping pebbly coasts. Intimate hideaways, local wines, and beautiful landscapes abound in this long-known honeymoon destination.

Stroll around the capital’s historic center, Funchal, and dine at Restaurant restaurants. Take the Funchal cable car to Monte for panoramic views, and then visit the Monte Royal Tropical Garden to witness over 100,000 plant varieties in fantasy surroundings. Take a classic wicker basket sled ride thru the streets for a unique thrill. Alternatively, enjoy peaceful picnics on the beach with delectable delights from the booths of Mercado dos Lavradores.

15. Kenya: Best Places to Visit in August

Kenya in August
Kenya in August: Best Places to Visit in August

Kenya is among the greatest destinations to visit in August, with warm, wonderful weather and some genuinely magnificent natural sights. The wildlife alone is a significant lure for anyone who wants to get up and personalize with some spectacular species. Throughout the month, there is a distinct absence of rain. With temperatures averaging around 22°C, it’s the ideal time of year to discover all Kenya has to offer. Because the only spots with significant rainfall are in the mountains, you didn’t have to worry about your holiday being ruined.

Crowds and higher costs accompany the fantastic weather. This time of year is a big month for tourism, and wildlife sanctuaries witness a surge in visitors. Lodges become fully booked, and flying rates rise. But you see some genuinely incredible things. What about watching the million-strong migration of wildebeests across the Serengeti? Or watching uncommon creatures congregate around a watering hole? Are pink flamingos swarming Lake Nakuru? That is why August is such an excellent month for traveling in Kenya.

Try not to commit to a rigid schedule throughout August, since better chances may present themselves once you’re there. While you won’t be alone at the best places to visit in August, you will benefit from the month’s spectacular events schedule, sunny weather, and attractions designed specifically for warm-season pleasure. Join in the joyful atmosphere, then recharge on several of the world’s most beautiful beaches for a holiday blessed by summer’s glow.