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Best English Learning Apps For Learner That You Don’t Want To Miss

As a self-taught beginner, you might be struggling with finding the best tools to help you learn English. There are so many different options on the App Store and making a choice isn’t at all easy at all. Don’t you worry then, because, in this article, Bigguidess will share with you the top English learning apps that we believe will help you to master your language skills. What is more, you’ll also find at the end of the post some useful tips to make the most out of these tools. Read on and pick one which fits you best

English learning apps 

ABA English – Learn English


ABA English teaches speaking through English grammar structure. Every lesson is a different structure which the app will show you how to use. Mastering basic grammar doesn’t only make you more confident in speaking but also helps the other fully grasp what you’re trying to say.

All of the lessons are organized based on different levels of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).  Each level will teach you the suitable lessons.

You will learn about essential English grammar patterns through certain situations presented in the videos. Each circumstance is a conversation between two or more people. Every conversation given is humorous and related to different themes.

Characters are usually the native with slow and precise speaking speed. And you will read the dialogues with your own voice. The “Compare” function allows you to compare your pronunciation with the one from the audio.


Best English Learning Apps- Duolingo
Best English Learning Apps- Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular and well-known tools for learning a language online. Each lesson in Duolingo includes different modules (the circles in the screenshot below) which are grouped to form certain skills. Your mission is to complete those modules.

Before taking any lessons, you can test out your English skills with an entry test so that the app can determine your fluency level and give you the most appropriate modules.

In addition, you can access additional study options when using the website platform. These include conversations, stories, podcasts that will help to improve your listening and reading comprehension.

Duolingo also allows you to add friends to the app and challenge them in language study. You can also join clubs on the app to discuss and practice English with other learners.

eJOY English

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eJOY offers over 50.000 videos categorized in different topics, duration, levels. All videos have subtitles.

If you encounter a new word while watching a video or reading some text online, just click on that word to check its definition. Learners can adjust video speed to listen more carefully to the pronunciation. This helps you understand helpful pronunciation for further communication.

Besides, you can save any new words to your word books notebook in WordBank section. Then, you can learn them by playing interactive games. eJOY’s Speaking Game is designed for you to enhance your speaking skill. You will practice communication skills by the words you have saved.

The app will mark your pronunciation and inform the results. You will know how many percentages of correctness your work have got. Among many English learning apps for communication, eJOY offers a new yet interesting way of study

Benefits of Using English Learning Apps 

The variety of content

English Learning Apps provide learners with a lot of colorful pictures, videos and songs. Learning English is no longer limited to boring textbooks or simple printed sentences. Vivid pictures and entertaining melody in the videos and songs will keep the “young learners” motivated when listening and remembering how new words are pronounced. Moreover, their speaking skills can be improved naturally thanks to often listening to the pronunciation that is totally recorded by native speakers.

Learning and playing at the same time

These interesting apps will not only help kids to learn vocabulary and sentence patterns effectively but also let them apply their knowledge practically. The apps use games for the purpose of lessons review as well as a method to stimulate the kids to remember better. As a result, their reactions to a certain language can also be built up during the learning process. And their English skills become a natural act, like an instinct, which empower them to speak English more fluently. This way of learning brings more and more benefits for learners.

Flexible learning time

Instead of going to the class according to a fixed time table, kids are free to choose their most suitable time to start the lessons. They are also able to keep up and review what they’ve learned even when they are away on a vacation with their family.