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Top 6 Country with Best Education System in the World

Students are consistently in the search of finding a list of countries with the best education system. There are several countries that have a good supportive education system that is reliable with quality content and educators or professors that boost an individual’s subjective, theoretical, and practical knowledge. Students are now commonly considering approaching the foreign education system for better education and career opportunities.

Education ranking by country is generated by many sources however we have managed to attain and compile data that will provide answers to your questions. ‘Which country has the best education system in the world?’ is an often asked question by students who are willing to pursue higher education abroad. Bigguidess has compiled the following information referring to several reliable sources to answer this frequently asked question, refer to the list below for the top country with best education system.

United States

United States- Best Country with Best Education System
The United States- Best Country with Best Education System

The QS World University Rankings comprises 150 universities in the top international study destination, the US. More than 1.18 million international students were studying in the US in 2017. 77% of these have come from Asia. As per the Institute of International Education’s Open Doors report, the most popular courses are Business and Management, Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. Apart from this, the most popular study destinations for students are New York, Texas, and California.

The main highlight of the US universities is their focus on research-oriented learning. Researchers are always at the forefront and are always looking out to develop something new. Innovation and creativity always remain at the core of their educational philosophy. In the US, regular testing/homework and classroom participation is mandatory for getting a good result. Students are encouraged to discuss the issues and focus on providing ideas.


switzerland education

Switzerland’s education system is applauded and is included in the best education in the world list. The education system in Switzerland promotes its students to acquire educational knowledge from some of its top-ranked universities in the country that focus on delivering knowledge of the individual’s desired course. The program structure in the universities focuses on providing their students with advanced information in their tertiary schools/colleges i.e. higher education.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom education system
The United Kingdom- Best Country with Best Education System

The education system in some parts of the United Kingdom is managed by separate governments. The renowned government of the United Kingdom is responsible for the education system in England whereas other parts like Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are managed by their respective governments. Universities in the UK are well-known around the world ever since their establishment which traces way back in history. The world education system lists the United Kingdom as one of the best places to study and obtain knowledge. The system address all topics ranging from arts, and business to management.


Netherlands education system
The Netherlands- Best Country with Best Education System

The Dutch-based education system was established back in 1800 and has continued to introduce new educational practices since then. The higher education system in Netherland is similar to the Finland education system where the university criteria are divided into two sectors.

Research-oriented universities – WO mean scientific education subjects, which focus on theoretical and research-based subjects like arts or sciences. Students can research subjects independently after completing courses from WO universities or can further proceed to pursue a Ph.D.-based degree.

Higher professional education – HBO means higher learning and professional training subjects, which focuses on practical and applied science subjects preparing students for particularly aimed professions.


ireland education system
Ireland – Best Country with Best Education System

This small island nation is home to a unique system of education – education in Ireland is completely free, and by that I mean right till the end of college, and perhaps that’s the way it should be, for education is every child’s right, no matter what nationality or what background he has. Coming back to Ireland, the nation ranks 9th mainly because of the importance it gives to education, in terms of the 8.759 billion euros that are allocated annually for this department. Ireland hence boasts a near-perfect literacy rate of 99%.


Canada education system
The Canada – Best Country with Best Education System

Apart from providing free education in primary as well as secondary school, Canada’s system of education showcases thought and careful structuring. For children beginning at the age of 5, attending school is mandatory. As it is, Canadian students score above average in international student assessments. Interestingly, Quebec in particular requires students to go through two years in a specialized professional university before they can move towards university life.