6 Fun Things To Do in Bellefontaine Ohio
6 Fun Things To Do in Bellefontaine Ohio

6 Fun Things To Do in Bellefontaine Ohio

Bellefontaine, Ohio is the administrative center of Logan County, located approximately 48 miles northwest of Columbus. Campbell Hill, Ohio’s highest point, is located here. Bellefontaine was a Shawnee village, today has a population of roughly 14,000 people. Its name translates to “beautiful fountain,” and we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 fun Things To Do in Bellefontaine Ohio.

Logan County History Center

Logan County History Center - Things To Do in Bellefontaine Ohio
Logan County History Center -Things To Do in Bellefontaine Ohio

The Logan County History Center was our first destination in Bellefontaine. The museum, housed in a beautiful estate, had a startling number of exhibits and things to travel to! Honda established a facility in Columbus in 1979 and another in Logan County in 1997. The Logan County History Center, in collaboration with Honda, commemorated Honda’s 40th anniversary with an ongoing display of automobiles, car parts, and history.

Donations from the International Peace Center, an organization founded to assist families relocating to Ohio from those other countries to work for Honda, are included in the exhibit. Many Japanese artifacts are on show. The Logan County Transportation Center opened in 2014 and features types of transportation from Conestoga to railways to aviation. My kids loved seeing all of the automobiles on exhibit!

The museum is divided into rooms with rotating exhibits. We appreciated the displays on communication devices throughout the years, the civil war, and vintage toys! (By old, I mean the 1980s and 1990s lol.) There is so much to see here! It’d be a must-see for children who enjoy automobiles!

Court Avenue

Civil engineers and construction professionals may be the most excited about this, however, Court Avenue is America’s oldest concrete roadway. In 1891, George Bartholomew persuaded the mayor of Bellefontaine to try building a roadway out of concrete; he even offered a bond ensuring it would survive at least five years. Concrete was indeed a newer construction material at the time, and its usage for roadway pavement had not yet been explored.

They offered him a roadway nearby Logan Court House to experiment on, hence the street’s name, Court Avenue. Obviously, it succeeded, because it’s still standing after 100 years! A monument of George was placed in the roadway in 1991; it is now restricted to traffic to help maintain it, and a plaque says, “He initiated the better roads movement.”

Mary Rutan Park

Mary Rutan Park
Mary Rutan Park

Mary Rutan Park is a 28-acre wooded area that provides sanctuary to many birds as well as other wild creatures throughout the year. Beautiful in any season, visitors may enjoy the area in a variety of ways, including hiking, picnicking, and swimming in the Hoffman Pool. You may also go birdwatching and snap some stunning photographs. Mary Rutan Park has four rentable shelters, three nurseries, tennis courts, golf courses, and basketball courts.

Zane Shawnee Caverns

This venue has greatly pleased us! Zane Shawnee Caverns, which is Native American-owned and operated, provides a variety of activities that may be experienced by a bunch of friends, relatives, or as a single. There are campsites (both primitive and contemporary), fishing, sunbathing, cave and museum excursions, and even a pioneer village.

There are also cabins. What we really like about this location is its commitment to maintaining and educating people about Native American traditions as part of The project N.A.T.I.V.E. They also host a summer powwow, which is currently in its 47th year. So your vacation here will not only be full of whatever excitement and adventure—or leisure and quiet—you choose, but it will also be instructive and contribute to the preservation of Native American culture.

Holland Theatre

Holland Theatre, the only Netherlands historic theatre in The US, is a throwback to a time when movie theaters didn’t simply give the dream of the movie, but also the fantasy of the structure and décor. The inside of the theater is built to resemble a Dutch metropolis, and it still holds film screenings, musicals, and other live performances. Since 1931, this theater has been the magnificent throbbing heart of the Bellefontaine & Logan County cultural community. Support this cultural landmark with your patronage and gifts, whether you’re simply passing through or reside here. It’s a true find!

Blue Jacket Dairy

Blue Jacket Dairy
Blue Jacket Dairy – Things To Do in Bellefontaine Ohio

Why should you go to Blue Jacket Dairy? CHEESE and QUARK are two words. This ranch is the lovely result of wife Angel’s passion for cooking and husband Jim’s passion for farming. The cheeses are as fresh and tasty as it gets, and their prize lemon whey is a must-try. This is your opportunity to obtain farm-to-table items straight from the source, eliminating the middle – man and ensuring your money goes to a local small farm.

Even the youngsters get involved in the cheesemaking process by adding labels—we don’t mind if they’re a little off-center! Blue Jacket Dairy takes its name from neighboring Blue Jacket Creek, which is named for the famed Shawnee Chief White Jacket.

There are a lot of things to do in Bellefontaine Ohio. With a focus on culture and the outdoors, you’ll quickly feel at ease and pleased to be a Bellefontaine resident!