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2020 Honda Jazz Review – New Features, Tech, Specs

Honda Jazz 2020 is a Class B hatchback born late because it only entered the market at the end of 2017. It is a compact, dynamic appearance, and flexible performance. Let’s review Honda Jazz 2020 with Bigguidess!

2020 Honda Jazz Review – New Features, Tech, Specs


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It can be seen that the Honda Jazz 2020 has a very urban look and is similar to its fellow Civic. Right from the front of the car, Honda Jazz 2020 has shown its modern lines starting with a unique grille system. Above the shiny chrome grille, followed by a glossy black alloy bar, the two work together extending to the sides of the headlight for a sharp look.

The Honda Jazz 2020’s front light cluster is designed with a soft tail stroke and is equipped with Halogen lights in 1.5E and 1.5G versions, equipped with LED lights in 1.5RS version. Below is the front bumper with a honeycomb mesh of a pit, a great effect in resisting wind when moving. In the most advanced version there are also fog lights.

Review Honda Jazz 2020 car body design
When looking across the side of the car, attracting users are daring lines stretching from the front wheel arch to through the rear lights, passing through the handle. This detail has an absolute score for the body of the Honda Jazz 2020.

The rearview mirror is equipped with electric adjustment function, electric folding, integrated turn indicator light (this detail is not available in 1.5V version). The most premium version, the rearview mirror is painted black to give a very sporty look. The final highlight in the bodywork is the five-spoke alloy wheels with a size of 15-16 inches.

Review Honda Jazz 2020 car tail design

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The tail of the Honda Jazz 2020 is designed in a pretty neat way, suitable for the overall size. Honda Jazz 2020 still promptly refreshes itself with strong and sporty ribbed lines. The LED taillights have a familiar C-shaped design but still create an accent for the tail. Above is the strip of LED brake lights, below is the seasoned rear bumper to increase the strength and pit for this model.

Colors of Honda Jazz 2020
Honda Jazz 2020 gives users 6 exterior colors, including orange, red, black, ivory, silver and gray. These are all trendy, striking colors that are easy to use. Suitable for both men and women. Below is a specific image of Honda Jazz 2020.

Evaluation of Honda Jazz 2020 in terms of size
Honda Jazz 2020 is an urban car, so you can imagine that this car has a very compact and agile size. Specifically, the Honda Jazz 2020 has an overall size of 3989 x 1694 x 1524 mm, and the size of the RS version is 4034 x 1694 x 1524mm. The wheelbase is 2530mm and the ground clearance is 137mm. It can be seen that the Honda Jazz 2020 is easy to move around in the city or narrow streets.

Review Honda Jazz 2020 for the included exterior equipment
In addition to the above exterior equipment, it will be very flawed if you ignore the detail of the door handle painted in the same color as the body to create a seamless look and embossed lines on the capo give a sense of aerodynamics. . In addition, at the rear of the car, there is a thick chrome bar connected to the two sides of the rear lights to create a very modern and eye-catching image.


Review Honda Jazz 2020 on the seat system
Honda Jazz 2020 has details that its seniors, even many cars in the same segment, do not have is Magic Seat – Magic Seat. Seat of the Honda Jazz 2020 can be adjusted to suit the purposes of the user, including 4 modes: handy mode, long object mode, high object mode and relaxation mode. The entire seat is felt and has ample legroom, although the Honda Jazz 2020 is actually not too large in size.

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Review Honda Jazz 2020 on steering wheel & dashboard design
The steering wheel of the Honda Jazz 2020 is a 3-spoke type covered with Urethane and leather in the highest grade. The steering wheel can be adjusted in 4 directions, the above integrates convenient buttons to assist the driver, the rear is the gear switch. The modern-looking dash panel is painted silver or black, despite the use of plastic. The dashboard is divided in a 3: 2 ratio that tilts the driver and arranges the buttons properly.

Review Honda Jazz 2020 in the luggage compartment
Honda Jazz 2020 has a standard luggage compartment of 359 liters, when fully folded the seats can expand up to 881 liters. In addition, thanks to the magic chair set, the Honda Jazz 2020 can also hold a lot of tall or long-shaped furniture.

Review Honda Jazz 2020 on the steering system

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The Honda Jazz 2020’s steering system can conquer even the most demanding people. Honda Jazz 2020 is designed in a modern language, from the lines to the layout in the cockpit, all carefully calculated. Behind the wheel is the instrument cluster that is adjusted with soft light, easy to see and does not cause glare. The touch screen on the dashboard and buttons make the driver feel completely different, both creating a novelty and making it convenient for the driver to operate. The seat or legroom is spacious, regardless of the driver’s size.