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2020 Honda CRV Review – Refreshed styling and better fuel economy

Honda CRV 2020 is a highly appreciated product in the C-class crossover segment. In the Vietnamese market, the sales of this model are not small, so customers always trust their choices and be satisfied with quality as well as vehicle equipment. Direct competition with this car is the rival Mazda CX – 5 2020. Let’s review the 2020 Honda CRV with Bigguidess!

2020 Honda CRV Review – Debuts with refreshed styling and better fuel economy


Review Honda CRV 2020 for the front end design

honda crv2

The Honda CRV 2020 car head is equipped with a shiny chromium-coated grille – this detail exudes a luxury and trendy look for the car. Not only that, the size of this detail is also very large, combined with 2 horizontal black painted spokes below to increase the bunker and personality of the car.

The front lights of this car are designed to be connected to each other, creating a seamless and superficial appearance for the car. Depending on the different versions, the front lights are applied with LED or halogen technology. In addition, the Honda CRV 2020 is also equipped with an automatic lighting function, which adjusts the light angle to be extremely optimal.

Review Honda CRV 2020 car body design

The body of the car clearly shows the unique sporty style of the Honda CRV 2020 model, specifically, the car uses a modern miller-shaped scratching wheel, this detail has a size of 18 inches, which is considered quite suitable for vehicle body.

Not only that, from this perspective, you can also observe the car’s rearview mirror with modern electric folding function. Honda CRV 2020 is also equipped with chrome coating on the window contours to increase the luxury of the car.

Review Honda CRV 2020 car tail design

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Honda CRV 2020 has a design style at the tail that is similar to the MPV model with a unique L-shaped design, this detail is extended from the wind wing to the rear glass to increase modernity and originality. for the car. Not only that, at the bottom, this model is also designed with a symmetrical round exhaust cluster to increase the performance features of this model.

Colors of Honda CRV 2020

Currently, Honda CRV 2020 models are distributed on the market with 5 different exterior colors, some of the main tones include: Black Blue, Black, Red, Silver and White.

Evaluation of Honda CRV 2020 in terms of size

Honda CRV 2020 has a length x width x height of 4584 x 1855 x 1679 (mm), respectively, the chassis of this model is considered quite suitable, elegant and sporty. Not only that, the balance and harmony also helps the car to have the ability to operate and move flexibly in the inner urban areas.

Evaluation of Honda CRV 2020 for external equipment attached.

In addition to the lights with modern LED or Halogen technology, the Honda CRV 2020 series also has additional exterior equipment such as a rearview mirror system with extremely modern folding function. The color-synchronized door handles with the bodywork also add to the harmony of this model.


Honda CRV 2020 evaluation of the seat system

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All seats of Honda CRV 2020 models are covered with modern, smooth and extremely optimal leather. Not only that, the leg room in the second row is also highly appreciated for comfort and smoothness. For the third row of seats, Honda CRV 2020 is considered by many customers to be suitable for passengers under 1m65 tall or for children.

Review Honda CRV 2020 on steering wheel & dashboard design

Honda CRV 2020 designed the dashboard surface in a symmetrical structure, this detail uses a lot of luxurious and modern wooden panels. The gear lever is designed and arranged quite close, accompanied by the details, the button towards the driver is mainly increasing the convenience of control.

This model is equipped with a 3-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel, this detail has a 4-way adjustment function, accompanied by the ability to integrate many buttons to increase the convenience of users while sitting in the car.

Review Honda CRV 2020 in the luggage compartment

The advantage of the Honda CRV 2020 series is that the leading luggage compartment capacity in the segment with extremely spacious and comfortable design. Not only that, the Honda CRV 2020 also has a customer design that can adjust the height of the trunk door to bring comfort when carrying your luggage.

In addition, you can also fold the rear seats to a certain ratio to increase the luggage compartment capacity when needed.

Honda CRV 2020 evaluation of the driving system

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The cockpit of the Honda CRV 2020 series is designed in a minimalist style, bringing a pleasant feeling to the occupants inside the car. Not only that, but the details in this area are neatly decorated, using the highest quality materials. Honda CRV 2020 also scores points by equipping the panorama sunroof to create intimacy and airy for the occupants.

Evaluate Honda CRV 2020 for comfort

Depending on the different versions, Honda CRV 2020 models use automatic 1-zone / 2-zone automatic air conditioning system, in addition, the car also has the integration with many air-conditioning doors inside, Therefore, you can be assured of the cooling ability of this car.

Honda CRV 2020 is equipped with a 5-inch or 7-inch IPS touch screen, which also comes with smartphone connectivity, various gadgets such as HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, sound system 4 – 8 speakers to help you get the perfect experience.