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2020 Honda Brio Review – Interior, Exterior and Engine

Honda Brio 2020 is a class A hatchback that is introduced to users in the Vietnamese market at the VMS 2018 exhibition. price marginally better than the majority of the same segment. This is considered a downside, but at the same time, a curious detail for users and the name Honda Brio 2020 is more known. Let’s review the 2020 Honda Brio with Bigguidess!

2020 Honda Brio Review – Interior, Exterior, and Engine


Review Honda Brio 2020 on the front design
The front part of the Honda Brio 2020 is bold in the spirit of sport with a large honeycomb grille system that embraces the company’s logo. Stretched out to 2 sides connected to the headlights using halogen bulbs and soft C-shaped daytime running lights. The large lower bumper is also made in the form of a honeycomb that matches the strong trapezoidal air inlet. Fog lamps also use halogen bulbs.

2020 Honda Brio Review - Interior, Exterior and Engine

Review Honda Brio 2020 car body design
Modern lines are clearly shown in the bodywork begin to be impressive embossed veins. Without these tendons, the Honda Brio 2020 will again fall into a boring fate like many cars in the same segment. We will also easily think of a brother in the same house as the Honda Jazz thanks to the curvy road running across the body like this. Electric folding rearview mirror with integrated turn alarm. The body support is a set of 15-inch multi-spoke wheels painted in two outstanding colors.

2020 Honda Brio Review - Interior, Exterior and Engine

Review Honda Brio 2020 car tail design
Honda Brio 2020 is back with a streamlined and sharper tail design compared to previous versions. The highlight is the reverse C-shaped rear light cluster for a sporty, strong yet trendy feel. Below is an extended rear bumper with an eye-catching honeycomb mesh, in harmony with the overall. The rear of the Honda Brio 2020 can conquer the most demanding and perfectionist objects.


Honda Brio 2020 evaluation of the seat system
The current size of Honda Brio 2020 is larger than the old version. Therefore, the space inside promises to be also more spacious. All seats of the Honda Brio 2020 are covered with soft felt, but the weak point is that it causes heat in the back of the passenger if sitting for a long time. The seat body is also flexibly designed to create the most comfortable for the occupants. The space behind is relatively spacious, but the rear seats can only fit 2 adults, if sitting for 3 people will be a bit tight.

2020 Honda Brio Review - Interior, Exterior and Engine
2020 Honda Brio Review – Interior, Exterior and Engine

Honda Brio 2020 review of steering wheel & dashboard design
Honda Brio 2020 carries a simple and practical design style of Japanese cars. This is evident through the steering wheel and dashboard. The steering wheel of the Honda Brio 2020 is a compact 3-spoke type, integrated with convenient control buttons, all painted black in one color. The dashboard has been improved more modern thanks to the eye-catching orange borders on the black background. The 6.2-inch entertainment screen on the right, behind the steering wheel is the instrument cluster that displays the necessary information. The controls have also been placed reasonably, towards the driver.

Review Honda Brio 2020 in the luggage compartment
As a class A hatchback Honda Brio 2020 will not be able to compare with many other models in terms of storage space. However, the luggage compartment of the Honda Brio 2020 still meets the basic needs of the user, especially an increase of 84 liters compared to the old version. Specifically the current standard capacity is 258 liters. In case customers want to store more items, customers can fold the rear seats to increase capacity to 710 liters.


Although it is a cheap car, the Honda Brio 2020 is also very focused on comfortable equipment. Honda Brio 2020 provides passengers with a cool space thanks to 1-zone automatic air conditioning system. In addition, the 6.2 inch touch screen with 4 – 6 speakers will give customers a great entertainment experience during the trip. Honda Brio 2020 also has Apple Carplay connection, smart phone, USB, AM / FM and smart gadgets such as smart key, button start …

Honda Brio 2020 evaluation of the engine

Under the capo, Honda Brio 2020 owns a 1.2-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine that produces a maximum capacity of 89 hp at 6,000 rpm, maximum torque of 110 Nm at 4,800 rpm. /minute. All power is transmitted through a 5-speed manual transmission or a CVT automatic transmission.